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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thank God for Geezers

A few days ago, I saw something listing a number of positives about old people. I know, "Old People" is not politicaly correct but that's what it was titled. So many ethnic and special interest groups have changed their names, I think it's time those of us with advanced maturity consider a switch from Senior Citizen to Administration Target.

Thank God for Geezers

Thank God for Old Timers who still respect the cause
that brought an end to tyranny and helped set up the laws
to benefit all people, not just a chosen few.
Thank God for the ones who fought; protecting me and you.

Thank God for the Geezers, reminding us what’s right,
reminding us of past mistakes and turning on the light
of freedom that shines bright enough to keep us on our way
toward a better future with help from yesterday.

They stand for the National Anthem
and proudly sing along.
They show respect for others
and fix things that are wrong.
They don’t like what they hear and see
nowadays in movies or TV
You can hear them say they’re sorry
if they bump you on the street
and they’ll extend a greeting hand
everytime you meet.
They have courage and integrity
and wisdom they can share.
If we take time to let them
they will show how much they care.

So, thank God for Old Fogies who tell it like it was
but spare the gory details. They only share because
they know that it will help us all to learn from their mistakes
and find ways to improve our world for every body’s sake.

Jeff Hildebrandt © June 15, 2011