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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Giving and Living

Last Sunday's sermon topic was about generousity. We got an overview of the Biblical concept of tithing and our obligations in that regard. Then, for the next hour, while my wife was wrangling 4 year olds in Sunday School, I mused on the sermon topic and the fact that so many of us seem to value the gift more than the giver. You know, I've had seminary students tell me they don't and won't tithe. What do you suppose their congregations will do when they get into the pulpit?

Giving and Living

From every dollar, give a dime.
From every hour, give some time.
From every gift, a gift is given.
That’s the way we should be livin’.

Some people just don’t have a clue
about the things that God will do
if we step out in faith and trust
and live the way God says we must.
That’s why so many hesitate
when they pass the offering plate?
And why so many folks resent
the thought of giving ten percent?
They need to know their faith is thin.
They claim belief, but won’t begin
to trust in God and do His will.
They’d rather trust a dollar bill.
They kid themselves; they justify
by saying they will not get by.
They don’t believe God’s word is true.
I wonder, is this meant for you?
If this feels like I’m pointing fingers
and a queasy feeling lingers
you should take some time and pray
for Faith to get you through each day.

From every dollar, give a dime.
From every hour, give some time.
From every gift, a gift is given.
That’s the way we should be livin’.

Jeff Hildebrandt © October 29, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Politics as usual

Remember, sharing is caring. So feel free to pass this along if you like.

Politics as Usual

How do you choose
when you don’t have a choice?
What can you say
when you don’t have a voice?
How can you pick
when the pickens are slim
and the bright light of freedom
is fading and dim?
What truth can you hold to?
Is anything certain
when you don’t know who runs things
in back of the curtain?
Both sides in this rat race
are racing downhill
and it’s costing us more
to ensure our free will.
We’re riding a fast train
that’s out of control.
The Washington blame game
is taking its toll.
We wonder and worry
while puppets debate
and dance around just how
they’ll improve our fate.
The negative ads,
half-truth accusations
are shredding the fabric
of this once great nation.
In truth, there’ just one thing
to do to prepare;
Before going to vote,
go to Jesus in prayer.

Jeff Hildebrandt © Oct. 19, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Remembering the Fallen

There is a traveling display of military members from our state
who were killed in action. The display’s title started me thinking.

“Remembering the Fallen”

Remembering the Fallen.
Their pictures on display
along with information
why they’re not here today.

Each one paid the final price,
Their future has been sacrificed
so little girls can go to school
and boys can live the golden rule.
They’re men and women; youngsters all
who answered “Yes,” to duties call.
They gave their lives for you and me
in the fight to save our liberty.

Remembering the Fallen
who surround us every day.
Those who answered “No” to God
and blindly go their way.

But God has more tricks up his sleeve
to help the fallen ones believe
and thus avoid eternal wrath.
He puts believers in their path
who have the heart to show and tell
how Jesus went thru living hell
so they won’t have to pay sin’s price.
For their sake, make the sacrifice.

Remembering the Fallen.
The first thing you should do
is remember once upon a time
the fallen one was you

Jeff Hildebrandt © Oct. 10, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lesson of the Locked Door

He walked out thru that door for years
and always checked the lock.
He’d seen his wife forget to check
and laughed when she would knock
to have him let her come back in;
not laughing with, but at her.
Then one day he forgot to check.
Now, it’s no laughing matter.

Got the Picture?

It struck him that it’s almost like
the way some people feel
about the promises from God.
Their words and acts reveal
the feeling they have lots of time
to heed the Lord’s decree.
So they keep going thru the door
and never have a key.
If you or anyone you know
is living life that way
remember there’s no guarantee
you’ll have another day.
There’ll come a time God locks the door
and turns off all the lights.
Then those outside will find themselves
in everlasting night.

But, right now, while you still have time,
choose life eternally.
God’s given you a way back in
and Jesus is the key.

Get the picture?

Jeff Hildebrandt © Oct. 4, 2012

I'm curious about what this poem says to you and what it inspires, if anything.
And please, pass it on.