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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lesson of the Locked Door

He walked out thru that door for years
and always checked the lock.
He’d seen his wife forget to check
and laughed when she would knock
to have him let her come back in;
not laughing with, but at her.
Then one day he forgot to check.
Now, it’s no laughing matter.

Got the Picture?

It struck him that it’s almost like
the way some people feel
about the promises from God.
Their words and acts reveal
the feeling they have lots of time
to heed the Lord’s decree.
So they keep going thru the door
and never have a key.
If you or anyone you know
is living life that way
remember there’s no guarantee
you’ll have another day.
There’ll come a time God locks the door
and turns off all the lights.
Then those outside will find themselves
in everlasting night.

But, right now, while you still have time,
choose life eternally.
God’s given you a way back in
and Jesus is the key.

Get the picture?

Jeff Hildebrandt © Oct. 4, 2012

I'm curious about what this poem says to you and what it inspires, if anything.
And please, pass it on.

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  1. It dramatizes life without Christ so well.It reminds me of the urgency of the gospel of peace.I love the simplicity, it makes it touch the heart.