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Friday, December 28, 2012

A Job Offer

The rider came from way up north
and had a job to do.
He was sent in search of wranglers
who could work the LRU.
He said, "The work is steady,
there may be risk involved
but the benefits are worth it
for those who are resolved.
There are lots of different jobs to do.
It’s not all riding fence
or rounding up lost cattle."
To me, it made good sense.
I felt the end of summer
would be here most any day
and a steady job for winter
can be worth more than the pay.
I told the rider, “Sign me up.”
He offered me his hand;
said, “Pard you won’t regret your choice
to ride for this here brand.
No matter what you’re good at
we can use you, that’s our creed.
We only ask you take the time
to help folks who’re in need.
The boss is big on helping out
and doing unto others;
treating folks with kindness
just like you would your brothers."
And as we rode together
he told me of the ranch.
He told me what I had to know
and then I got my chance
to talk with others just like me
who weren’t sure what do to;
the ones who had been searching
for what’s good and right and true.
Before long, there’s a posse
and we’re off to higher ground.
Each rider learns about the ranch
and then they look around
to see who they can bring along
for a big meal and a dance
that just might last forever
at God’s Last Round Up ranch.
Jeff Hildebrandt © Dec. 28, 2012


So, while you're considering which diet program, exercise machine or gym to join, consider working on your inner self.


Did you ever stop to ponder
why you are the way you are?
Do you ever long for glory
or to be a movie star?
Are you envious of others?
Do you think that it’s a shame
that you weren’t given what they have;
good looks, good luck and fame?
Are your hips too big; top too small?
Do you look just like a pear?
Are you sure life would be better
if you just had curly hair?
Don’t fret that you’re not glamorous,
not a beauty or a hunk.
Remember, you’re a child of God
and God don’t make no junk.
If you just seek His Kingdom
and not focus on your own
God promises more riches
than this world has ever known.
When all is said and all is done
we won’t be envious.
Cause when Christ comes to take us home
it’s them, who’ll envy us.

Jeff Hildebrandt © July 31, 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Blind Man

As you ponder the meaning of life or the reason you're here or how you're going to pay all those Christmas bills, think on this taken from Mark 10: 46-52:

A Blind Man

A blind man sitting by the side of the road
said, “I can’t find help to share my load
but a crowd is coming and I hope they see
my sad condition and pity me.”

When he found out who was in the crowd
old blind Bartimaeus just cried out loud.
The crowd said, “quiet,” but he wouldn’t be
crying, “Jesus Christ, I’m here, help me.”

Jesus stopped, then told the crowd
to bring him here, for crying out loud.
He asked, “What do you want of me?”
Bartimaeus said, "Please, let me see."

What happened then? The Bible tells
the blind man’s faith just made him well.
He believed in the Man from Galilee
and that’s what’s needed, don’t you see.

A blind man lives in the house next door.
His eyes work fine, but his faith is poor.
Our Father says, “Hey, can’t you see,
it’s up to you. Tell him of Me.”

Once he learns of the Father’s love
he’ll see the blessing from above.
It’s up to us. A soul’s at stake.
So, speak up now for heaven’s sake.

Jeff Hildebrandt © July 31, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Counting Down

This is one of those "stream of consciousness" poems. I started, not knowing what I wanted to say or even why I was writing. I hope you get something out of it and you might find it useful as a conversation starter with someone worn out from the holiday rush.

Counting down

We’re in what’s called the Advent Season
when shoppers lose all sense of reason.
The time is short, the pressure’s on,
the perfect gift’s already gone.
They buy a trinket that’s on sale
so they can get it in the mail.
When all is purchased, all is fine.
But then, they face that awful line
to mail what must go out of town.
No wonder that they’re feeling down.
Mall Madness seems to rule the day
They think it shouldn’t be this way
What happened to the joyous part
they see in Norman Rockwell’s art?
Make yourself a cup of tea.
Decide that this year you will be
at peace because you’ve found the reason
that’s behind the Advent Season.
It’s not the tinsel, gifts or tree.
It’s really nothing you can see.
It’s more about what you can feel.
Advent’s about a love so real
that brings the hope of Heaven’s Glory.
It’s all about the Christmas story.

Jeff Hildebrandt © Dec. 5, 2012

Merry Christ-mas to you!