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Friday, December 28, 2012

A Job Offer

The rider came from way up north
and had a job to do.
He was sent in search of wranglers
who could work the LRU.
He said, "The work is steady,
there may be risk involved
but the benefits are worth it
for those who are resolved.
There are lots of different jobs to do.
It’s not all riding fence
or rounding up lost cattle."
To me, it made good sense.
I felt the end of summer
would be here most any day
and a steady job for winter
can be worth more than the pay.
I told the rider, “Sign me up.”
He offered me his hand;
said, “Pard you won’t regret your choice
to ride for this here brand.
No matter what you’re good at
we can use you, that’s our creed.
We only ask you take the time
to help folks who’re in need.
The boss is big on helping out
and doing unto others;
treating folks with kindness
just like you would your brothers."
And as we rode together
he told me of the ranch.
He told me what I had to know
and then I got my chance
to talk with others just like me
who weren’t sure what do to;
the ones who had been searching
for what’s good and right and true.
Before long, there’s a posse
and we’re off to higher ground.
Each rider learns about the ranch
and then they look around
to see who they can bring along
for a big meal and a dance
that just might last forever
at God’s Last Round Up ranch.
Jeff Hildebrandt © Dec. 28, 2012

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  1. Hey Jeff, these are good. I've been working that ranch for some time now. Have a great day! Jim