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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pre-Destined Improvisation

Pre-destined, Pre-determined, luck of the draw, ships passing in the night, a chance encounter, a maze of wrong turns, how do you look at your life?

Pre-Destined Improvisation

My life is a scripted reality show.
What comes next? I don’t know
but the one who wrote the story does
and he won’t let me know because
he wants to see how I react
to each new challenge and attack.

I know my character’s history
and have in mind who I should be
in relation to the other actors.
But then, there are the unknown factors
that derail my train of thought
and totally confuse the plot.

The ending may be written down
but my story seems to bounce around
like a pinball’s bumper ricochet.
I head in many different ways.
Flashing lights, no control,
speeding t’ward that little hole
that means my game is finally done.
Did I loose or have I won?

Suddenly, I’m launched again
by bouncing off an unseen friend
who, by some chance, was in the way
and now I find, I’m back in play.

I wonder where this course will lead,
then run across someone in need.
I pass a derelict and nod.
I think, “But for the Grace of God.”
He extends a pleading hand.
I reach out to help him stand
then, smiling, send him on his way
and suddenly, he’s back in play.

It seems my life is improvised
but that is just because my eyes
are focused on what lies ahead.
If I look back, I’ll see instead
the show’s director always knew
exactly what I would go thru.
He knew at times I would regret it,
but when they roll the final credit,
everyone; the crew and cast
who have been faithful to the last
will understand the story lines.
We’ll know exactly what defines
success in everything we’ve done.
It’s our acceptance of the one
who made the scenery, set the stage
and offered guidance on each page.
So, make the time to sit and look
at just what’s in the Author’s Book.
You’ll find it’s full of needed clues
and that, my friend, is real Good News.
Accept your part and play your roll
with all your mind, your heart and soul.
And in the end your part will be
renewed by God, eternally.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 3/3/11

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Big Boat

Some will understand. Many won't. It's best if you read it out loud. Not real loud, mind you, just loud enough that you can hear yourself without bothering anyone around you. It's even better if you read it to your preacher.

The Big Boat

Stuart had a great big boat
Some said it was the best afloat.
You see it had a great big crew
To help the guests know what to do.
On weekends, it would have on hand
some singers and a 5 piece band.
And everyone who came on board
told Stuart that they just adored
the boat and all the crew had done
to make sure everyone had fun.

So, every weekend, without fail
the passengers and crew set sail.
But then one day, out of the blue
there didn’t seem to be much crew.
The singers and the band were gone
and even though the boat sailed on
it didn’t have the same appeal.
And Stuart told them, “Here’s the deal.
If you expect this ride to last
you’ll have to give support, and fast.

The Captain wants more than a tip.
That’s the lesson of Stuart’s Ship

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2/6/12

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Okay, I admit, I borrowed the melody and phrasing from Billy Joel's song, And So It Goes. But, since I don't sing, I guess the melody doesn't matter. Now, if you know the BJ song or can listen to it on You Tube, you can think the melody while you're reading the words. Otherwise, just go with the flow. The message here boils down to being open to the opportunity to explain your faith.


In every life there is a time
to stand your ground or hold your tongue.
But lessons of
God’s purest love
are never wasted on the young.

In younger days I went to church,
I read the words and heard the prayers.
I passed the test
to be confirmed
but never felt God truly cares.

And every time someone would ask
I told them, yes, I do believe.
And so it comes
and so it goes
until God touched me, I suppose.

A circumstance;
another chance;
the lessons learned came flooding back
With open eyes;
I realized
the love I lacked.

Your time is now to speak God’s grace.
Don’t be afraid, don’t hold your tongue
And as it comes,
so should it go
Your lessons just might save the young.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 4/23/2010

Friday, March 16, 2012

Limited Liability

OK, I try to avoid being overtly political and I want to make it clear this is NOT about one party or another. I think Woody Guthrie wrote a song, Hard Times, and talked about "republicrats and democans" being two different wings of the same bird of prey. Don Edwards does a wonderful version of that song, by the way. Well, it strikes me that the problem is not who's President, it's the elected officials who stay and stay and have so much power the only way to make a difference is a clean sweep. We need:
Limited Liability

I’m a “Clean Sweeper:”
a real change seeker.
I think we’re weaker
and want real leaders
not bottom feeders
while our country teeters
thanks to long term cheaters,
back room sneakers,
closet creepers,
incumbent keepers
and secret leakers.

All you still-asleepers

We’ve had enough.
Get off your duff
and get them off
the public trough.
You want change?
Then rearrange
those legislators
who play dictators
with the public trust.
It’s time we thrust
incumbents out
cause there’s no doubt
it can’t be worse
than the current curse
of unending terms
where weasely worms
have one concern.
In each election
make your selection
for someone new
and hold them to
what they say they’ll do.

The hill gets steeper.
The hole gets deeper.
Be a giant leaper.
Be a clean sweeper.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2/8/12