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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Okay, I admit, I borrowed the melody and phrasing from Billy Joel's song, And So It Goes. But, since I don't sing, I guess the melody doesn't matter. Now, if you know the BJ song or can listen to it on You Tube, you can think the melody while you're reading the words. Otherwise, just go with the flow. The message here boils down to being open to the opportunity to explain your faith.


In every life there is a time
to stand your ground or hold your tongue.
But lessons of
God’s purest love
are never wasted on the young.

In younger days I went to church,
I read the words and heard the prayers.
I passed the test
to be confirmed
but never felt God truly cares.

And every time someone would ask
I told them, yes, I do believe.
And so it comes
and so it goes
until God touched me, I suppose.

A circumstance;
another chance;
the lessons learned came flooding back
With open eyes;
I realized
the love I lacked.

Your time is now to speak God’s grace.
Don’t be afraid, don’t hold your tongue
And as it comes,
so should it go
Your lessons just might save the young.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 4/23/2010

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