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Friday, March 16, 2012

Limited Liability

OK, I try to avoid being overtly political and I want to make it clear this is NOT about one party or another. I think Woody Guthrie wrote a song, Hard Times, and talked about "republicrats and democans" being two different wings of the same bird of prey. Don Edwards does a wonderful version of that song, by the way. Well, it strikes me that the problem is not who's President, it's the elected officials who stay and stay and have so much power the only way to make a difference is a clean sweep. We need:
Limited Liability

I’m a “Clean Sweeper:”
a real change seeker.
I think we’re weaker
and want real leaders
not bottom feeders
while our country teeters
thanks to long term cheaters,
back room sneakers,
closet creepers,
incumbent keepers
and secret leakers.

All you still-asleepers

We’ve had enough.
Get off your duff
and get them off
the public trough.
You want change?
Then rearrange
those legislators
who play dictators
with the public trust.
It’s time we thrust
incumbents out
cause there’s no doubt
it can’t be worse
than the current curse
of unending terms
where weasely worms
have one concern.
In each election
make your selection
for someone new
and hold them to
what they say they’ll do.

The hill gets steeper.
The hole gets deeper.
Be a giant leaper.
Be a clean sweeper.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2/8/12

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  1. Love it! And so happy to see you still hitting the trail writing cowboy poetry. ~ Barbara