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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Big Iron

I know, I know, there are times when I should leave well enough alone. This may have been one of those times.

Big Iron

To the world of western music
came an outlaw one fine day.
His tunes would touch the masses
and they still are played today.
And if I can be forgiven
for a little PC slip
I’ll re-write some Marty Robbins
for a short nostalgic trip…a short nostalgic trip.
To a town in Colorado
rode a stranger one fine day.
She got lots of folks around her
when she stopped to make her play.
Everyone could tell her business;
they brought dresses, shirts and slips,
cause she came to press their laundry
with that big iron on her hip…big iron on her hip.

Jeff Hildebrandt © May 30, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You Just Can't See It From The Road

My friend, Donnie Blanz wrote a great song a few years ago called, "You just can't see him from the Road." One of the lines, "as long as there's a sunset, he'll be riding for the brand," inspired my poem and the book, Ridin' for the Boss and the Brand. Now, I've borrowed his melody line and created the sort of poem that always got me in trouble with people who want to leave well enough alone. I only hope this encourages us all to put our faith into action. I'd also love to hear your thoughts.

You just can’t see it from the road

Folks don’t feel his touch
like the way they did before.
Some don’t think His miracles are seen.
But, that ain’t really him
with a Rolex on his wrist
that they sit watching on their TV screen.
But He’s still out there mending fences;
still helping others with their load.
And as long as people need it
he’ll be lending them a hand.
You just can’t see it from the road.
If you drive along the highway,
never exit to downtown
then the price of gas is all you’ll think about.
If you keep your eyes straight forward
and your radio turned up
you can tune the cries for help completely out.
But, He’s still out there mending fences;
Still helping others tote their load.
And as long as people need it
His believers lend their hands.
They just don’t do it from the road.
If you claim to be a Christian
do you do or simply sit?
Are you helping others with their heavy load?
If you want to see a miracle,
you must go to where they are
cause you can’t see them from the road.
Yes, God’s still out there spreading mercy;
and He could use someone like you
cause as long as people need it
His believers lend their hands
You just can’t see it from the pew.
Jeff Hildebrandt © May 30, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hesitation Blues

I am a fan of Guy Clark and have been since I played his music (Desperados waiting for a train) on KFDI-FM in Wichita, in the mid-70s. We were early adopters of the so called progressive country format. Our slogan was "KFDI-FM, stick it in your ear." Encough of that. So, I was listening to Guy Clark's "Dublin Blues" on You Tube the other day and began retro-fitting rhymes into his melody. Stream of unconsciousness. I didn't know where I was going but this is where The Spirit led. Now my question is what does this say to you?

Hesitation Blues

Well, I wish I knew the answer
to the questions that you pose
I wish that I felt qualified
to answer. I suppose
that’s why I shy away from
speaking boldly but in love
about my faith in Jesus
and the Grace that’s from above.

So, forgive me for my silence,
forgive me when I balk.
But know that if you’re curious
just ask me and I’ll talk.

I’ll tell you all the changes
that believing made in me
but I do not wish to argue
or debate philosophy.
I’m still a work in progress
all you get is what you see;
A sinner who’s been saved by Grace
for life eternally.

So, forgive my hesitation;
In-your-face is not my style.
My actions are my witness.
God’s love is in my smile.

Jeff Hildebrandt © May 11, 2012