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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hesitation Blues

I am a fan of Guy Clark and have been since I played his music (Desperados waiting for a train) on KFDI-FM in Wichita, in the mid-70s. We were early adopters of the so called progressive country format. Our slogan was "KFDI-FM, stick it in your ear." Encough of that. So, I was listening to Guy Clark's "Dublin Blues" on You Tube the other day and began retro-fitting rhymes into his melody. Stream of unconsciousness. I didn't know where I was going but this is where The Spirit led. Now my question is what does this say to you?

Hesitation Blues

Well, I wish I knew the answer
to the questions that you pose
I wish that I felt qualified
to answer. I suppose
that’s why I shy away from
speaking boldly but in love
about my faith in Jesus
and the Grace that’s from above.

So, forgive me for my silence,
forgive me when I balk.
But know that if you’re curious
just ask me and I’ll talk.

I’ll tell you all the changes
that believing made in me
but I do not wish to argue
or debate philosophy.
I’m still a work in progress
all you get is what you see;
A sinner who’s been saved by Grace
for life eternally.

So, forgive my hesitation;
In-your-face is not my style.
My actions are my witness.
God’s love is in my smile.

Jeff Hildebrandt © May 11, 2012

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