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Friday, December 30, 2011

Hey, Jude!

I admit it, I am a fan of The Beatles music. It still brings back memories of younger days in Kansas City, where I grew up. So, a while back, after reading the book of Jude in the Bible, I was inspired to write my version of a Beatles hit. With a little work, your church choir might be able to do something with it. Let me know.

Hey, Jude !

Hey, Jude, you made me sad
with the warnings there in your letter;
reminders to guard our mind and our heart
that’s how we start to make things better.
Hey Jude, you’re words are clear.
You foretold then what we see growing
Perversions, like Sodom there by the sea
their seeds are sowing.
You say they walk the way of Cain,
clouds with no rain
They carry the world toward destruction
And they don’t know that it’s a curse,
it will get worse
By turning their back on your instruction
Da da da da da da da da da
Our God, won’t let us down
We’re inspired by what’s in your letter
Reminders to fight for faith in our heart;
be set apart to make life better.
We must speak out against their sin;
time to begin
you’re calling the faithful to be soldiers
And now we know, just what to do
With prayer it’s true
The power of God will make us bolder
Da da da da da da da da da Yeah
Hey, Jude, God’s Spirit who
used your true words to make us better
reminds us to speak in love and begin
telling again what’s in your letter
that will make us better, better, better,

Jeff Hildebrandt © April 30, 2010

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Southern Cross Revisited

For years, everytime I hear Crosby,Still and Nash sing Southern Cross, I just stop and sing along. Well, a while back I started toying with the words and think I've turned that dynamic sing-along melody into something that could be used in worship. So, if you know a church music director who is old enough to appreciate CSN...pass this on. And you can find Southern Cross on YouTube and sing along.

Southern Cross Revisited
I heard the call as a child; it didn’t change me
I learned it all but then, I turned away
I was livin for myself on the outside
Twas a downhill run to judgement day.
Though I’ve sinned in my journey
God has been faithful.
The Holy Spirit has been sent to
guide me on my way
Thru the noisy world His quiet voice
was there to call me
and then one night I realized
just why I’d run away.

Think about how many times I have fallen
Satan accuses me and I end up stallin’
But heaven assures me that all will be forgotten
Jesus came to save us from our sin,
so repent and live again
For God’s Love can endure
And you know it will.
When I truly saw the cross for the first time
I understood why Jesus came this way.
Cause the truth that had been hidden
was seen clearly
And it’s as bright as God’s promise;
the glory of a comin’ day
Now, I’m living for the Lord,
my hope in glory
And my faith is an anchor holding me
tight to the Holy claim
that when I slip, my sins will be forgiven
by the one who conquered death
and Jesus is His name.

Think about how many times you have fallen
When Satan accuses you, do you end up stallin’?
But heaven assures us that all will be forgotten
Jesus came to save us from our sin, so repent and live again
For God’s Love can endure

And you know it will.
And you know it will.

So we’re tempted and we’re tried
and molested
And though sometimes we fail
remember what to do
You will survive being tested
Jesus the Lord will be there
And God’s Grace will see you thru
Look upon the cross

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2010

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What is Truth?

How much of our reality is just our perception? How often do we ignore what we don't like or what is difficult to accept because the "truth" is just too hard to live with?

What is Truth?
(Matthew 7:21)

“I promise I will tell the truth,”
the cowboy told the judge,
then proceeded to regale the court
with details of the grudge
that ended with a shouting match
and punches being thrown
by black and blue combatants
who’s motives were unknown.
“I promise I will tell the truth,”
the barmaid told the court
but her story contradicted
what the cowboy did report.
“I promise I will tell the truth,”
another witness swore
but his story differed greatly
from the two that came before.

So many of us think the truth
is what we want or feel.
But that’s just our perspective
and often, it’s not real.
Truth is Truth, no matter what.
It can’t be bent or swayed.
Truth is simple; black and white.
It can’t be slightly grayed.

Those who don’t acknowledge
God live this pastel lie;
You have your truth and I have mine.
But then they wonder why
the people we depend upon
are those who rob us blind.
And then they cry for justice.
But justice, they will find
requires some rules for right and wrong
that stem from what is true
and what is fair for everyone
not just a group or two.
Even some with faith in God
turn blind eyes to what’s true
because they can’t imagine God
will really follow through
on promises of punishment
for those who don’t believe.
They think that God will change His Truth
to fit what they perceive.
But the God who made the universe
did it with a plan
including what we call free will.
Just so you understand
that means we get the chance to choose
what’s easy or what’s true.
Too many pick the easy path
and if that’s true of you
be warned that your decisions now
will have eternal weight.
Believe and witness to the Truth
and do not hesitate
because our God has made it clear
in Truth, there’s just one way
to guarantee eternal life.
Accept Jesus Christ today.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2010


I wonder if I'm talking to myself or if this might touch a sensitive spot in you as well.


What would you do
if you only knew
what happens an hour from now?
What would you say
if you knew that today
would be your last chance somehow?

What would you do
if it came down to you
to witness and gather a stray?
Would you truly confess
if you knew it would bless
some soul that had lost its way?

What would it take
for you to forsake
your cozy and comfortable place?
Who would you tell
to keep them from hell
and show them the way to God’s Grace?

What would you do
if it really were true
God’s harvest would happen today?
So what makes you think,
in the time of a wink
their life won’t be taken away?

What would you feel
if those what-ifs were real
and you never did witness or pray?
Would you always regret
the chance you’ll never get
to help them avoid judgment day?

What will you do
knowing God expects you
to be bold and to speak without fear?
Will you speak up in love,
share the Truth from above?
Cause the truth is, God’s judgment is near.

Jeff Hildebrandt © Sept 28, 2011

Have Buns Will Travel

I shared this with my pal, Johnny Western, who wrote the Ballad of Paladin. (you can sing along at the end of every episode of Have Gun Will Travel on Encore Westerns) He thought it was funny so I'll share it with you.


Have buns, will travel
reads the side of his van.
a chef on a mission
in a hungry land.
His buns raising higher
and his icing's thin.
The warm, gooey goodness
oozing down, down, down your chin.
Sticky Buns, Sticky Buns
Latte's with foam.
Sticky Buns, Sticky Buns
Please, take some home...

Jeff Hildebrandt © Oct. 11, 2011

Tombstone Tale

Tombstone Tale

I went to Tombstone one July.
Folks shake their heads and ask me why
I’d visit that forsaken spot
especially when it’s so darn hot?
I have no adequate answer except to say
I grew up watching tales of old;
of outlaws and of heroes bold;
like Wyatt Earp, who came to town
and settled everybody down.

While driving through the vast expanse
of creosote and cactus plants
I felt a sense of awe and wonder
at legends launched with 6 gun thunder.
Arroyos gouge this short scrub land
so deep they’d hide a horse and man
who’d sit and wait to pounce and prey
on anyone who chanced their way.

Their ghosts must ride this desert still.
What else explains the tingling chill
and goose bumps on my arms and back
while traveling in this sun baked track?
But even stranger on that day;
the feeling seemed to go away
as I got closer to the town.
The spirits just were not around.
Wyatt’s ghost, some locals say
still keeps the evil souls at bay.
But there are stories, late at night
of the unexplained and out of sight
that thump across the Bird Cage floor,
walk to the cribs and close a door.

The old west days have long since gone.
But with each Arizona dawn
its clear that Tombstone will survive
by keeping history alive.
We saddle our imagination
and ride to visit each location,
from Boot Hill to the Oriental.
We’re drawn by something sentimental;
just to walk where legends did
and live the dreams we had as kids.

There’s more there than the gunfight scene
from movies, books and magazines.
It’s the stage where real life drama played;
the weak went east, the sturdy stayed.
Its where you learn that cowboy means
more than boots and starched blue jeans,
more than Colts and campfire food.
Cowboy is an attitude.
Those old time cowboys were about
taking all that life dished out
and sticking till their job was done,
from day’s first light to setting sun.

It’s a lesson we can teach our kids;
live like those old cowboys did.
Work honest, hard and lend a hand.
Ride for the Boss, Ride for the Brand.
So maybe now you know just why
I went to Tombstone in July.
I changed my “can’t,” to “yes I can,”
in that Arizona frying pan.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2005/2011