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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What is Truth?

How much of our reality is just our perception? How often do we ignore what we don't like or what is difficult to accept because the "truth" is just too hard to live with?

What is Truth?
(Matthew 7:21)

“I promise I will tell the truth,”
the cowboy told the judge,
then proceeded to regale the court
with details of the grudge
that ended with a shouting match
and punches being thrown
by black and blue combatants
who’s motives were unknown.
“I promise I will tell the truth,”
the barmaid told the court
but her story contradicted
what the cowboy did report.
“I promise I will tell the truth,”
another witness swore
but his story differed greatly
from the two that came before.

So many of us think the truth
is what we want or feel.
But that’s just our perspective
and often, it’s not real.
Truth is Truth, no matter what.
It can’t be bent or swayed.
Truth is simple; black and white.
It can’t be slightly grayed.

Those who don’t acknowledge
God live this pastel lie;
You have your truth and I have mine.
But then they wonder why
the people we depend upon
are those who rob us blind.
And then they cry for justice.
But justice, they will find
requires some rules for right and wrong
that stem from what is true
and what is fair for everyone
not just a group or two.
Even some with faith in God
turn blind eyes to what’s true
because they can’t imagine God
will really follow through
on promises of punishment
for those who don’t believe.
They think that God will change His Truth
to fit what they perceive.
But the God who made the universe
did it with a plan
including what we call free will.
Just so you understand
that means we get the chance to choose
what’s easy or what’s true.
Too many pick the easy path
and if that’s true of you
be warned that your decisions now
will have eternal weight.
Believe and witness to the Truth
and do not hesitate
because our God has made it clear
in Truth, there’s just one way
to guarantee eternal life.
Accept Jesus Christ today.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2010

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