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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I wonder if I'm talking to myself or if this might touch a sensitive spot in you as well.


What would you do
if you only knew
what happens an hour from now?
What would you say
if you knew that today
would be your last chance somehow?

What would you do
if it came down to you
to witness and gather a stray?
Would you truly confess
if you knew it would bless
some soul that had lost its way?

What would it take
for you to forsake
your cozy and comfortable place?
Who would you tell
to keep them from hell
and show them the way to God’s Grace?

What would you do
if it really were true
God’s harvest would happen today?
So what makes you think,
in the time of a wink
their life won’t be taken away?

What would you feel
if those what-ifs were real
and you never did witness or pray?
Would you always regret
the chance you’ll never get
to help them avoid judgment day?

What will you do
knowing God expects you
to be bold and to speak without fear?
Will you speak up in love,
share the Truth from above?
Cause the truth is, God’s judgment is near.

Jeff Hildebrandt © Sept 28, 2011

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