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Friday, December 28, 2012

A Job Offer

The rider came from way up north
and had a job to do.
He was sent in search of wranglers
who could work the LRU.
He said, "The work is steady,
there may be risk involved
but the benefits are worth it
for those who are resolved.
There are lots of different jobs to do.
It’s not all riding fence
or rounding up lost cattle."
To me, it made good sense.
I felt the end of summer
would be here most any day
and a steady job for winter
can be worth more than the pay.
I told the rider, “Sign me up.”
He offered me his hand;
said, “Pard you won’t regret your choice
to ride for this here brand.
No matter what you’re good at
we can use you, that’s our creed.
We only ask you take the time
to help folks who’re in need.
The boss is big on helping out
and doing unto others;
treating folks with kindness
just like you would your brothers."
And as we rode together
he told me of the ranch.
He told me what I had to know
and then I got my chance
to talk with others just like me
who weren’t sure what do to;
the ones who had been searching
for what’s good and right and true.
Before long, there’s a posse
and we’re off to higher ground.
Each rider learns about the ranch
and then they look around
to see who they can bring along
for a big meal and a dance
that just might last forever
at God’s Last Round Up ranch.
Jeff Hildebrandt © Dec. 28, 2012


So, while you're considering which diet program, exercise machine or gym to join, consider working on your inner self.


Did you ever stop to ponder
why you are the way you are?
Do you ever long for glory
or to be a movie star?
Are you envious of others?
Do you think that it’s a shame
that you weren’t given what they have;
good looks, good luck and fame?
Are your hips too big; top too small?
Do you look just like a pear?
Are you sure life would be better
if you just had curly hair?
Don’t fret that you’re not glamorous,
not a beauty or a hunk.
Remember, you’re a child of God
and God don’t make no junk.
If you just seek His Kingdom
and not focus on your own
God promises more riches
than this world has ever known.
When all is said and all is done
we won’t be envious.
Cause when Christ comes to take us home
it’s them, who’ll envy us.

Jeff Hildebrandt © July 31, 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Blind Man

As you ponder the meaning of life or the reason you're here or how you're going to pay all those Christmas bills, think on this taken from Mark 10: 46-52:

A Blind Man

A blind man sitting by the side of the road
said, “I can’t find help to share my load
but a crowd is coming and I hope they see
my sad condition and pity me.”

When he found out who was in the crowd
old blind Bartimaeus just cried out loud.
The crowd said, “quiet,” but he wouldn’t be
crying, “Jesus Christ, I’m here, help me.”

Jesus stopped, then told the crowd
to bring him here, for crying out loud.
He asked, “What do you want of me?”
Bartimaeus said, "Please, let me see."

What happened then? The Bible tells
the blind man’s faith just made him well.
He believed in the Man from Galilee
and that’s what’s needed, don’t you see.

A blind man lives in the house next door.
His eyes work fine, but his faith is poor.
Our Father says, “Hey, can’t you see,
it’s up to you. Tell him of Me.”

Once he learns of the Father’s love
he’ll see the blessing from above.
It’s up to us. A soul’s at stake.
So, speak up now for heaven’s sake.

Jeff Hildebrandt © July 31, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Counting Down

This is one of those "stream of consciousness" poems. I started, not knowing what I wanted to say or even why I was writing. I hope you get something out of it and you might find it useful as a conversation starter with someone worn out from the holiday rush.

Counting down

We’re in what’s called the Advent Season
when shoppers lose all sense of reason.
The time is short, the pressure’s on,
the perfect gift’s already gone.
They buy a trinket that’s on sale
so they can get it in the mail.
When all is purchased, all is fine.
But then, they face that awful line
to mail what must go out of town.
No wonder that they’re feeling down.
Mall Madness seems to rule the day
They think it shouldn’t be this way
What happened to the joyous part
they see in Norman Rockwell’s art?
Make yourself a cup of tea.
Decide that this year you will be
at peace because you’ve found the reason
that’s behind the Advent Season.
It’s not the tinsel, gifts or tree.
It’s really nothing you can see.
It’s more about what you can feel.
Advent’s about a love so real
that brings the hope of Heaven’s Glory.
It’s all about the Christmas story.

Jeff Hildebrandt © Dec. 5, 2012

Merry Christ-mas to you!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Home of the Free

As we turn our thoughts from Halloween to Thanksgiving, don't forget those we have to thank for our freedom.

Home of the Free

Uniform crosses on manicured graves
The home of the free because of the brave
Broken hearts and shattered lives.
We all must help those who survive
and weep around their loved one’s graves
in the home of the free because of the brave

Jeff Hildebrandt © October 28, 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Giving and Living

Last Sunday's sermon topic was about generousity. We got an overview of the Biblical concept of tithing and our obligations in that regard. Then, for the next hour, while my wife was wrangling 4 year olds in Sunday School, I mused on the sermon topic and the fact that so many of us seem to value the gift more than the giver. You know, I've had seminary students tell me they don't and won't tithe. What do you suppose their congregations will do when they get into the pulpit?

Giving and Living

From every dollar, give a dime.
From every hour, give some time.
From every gift, a gift is given.
That’s the way we should be livin’.

Some people just don’t have a clue
about the things that God will do
if we step out in faith and trust
and live the way God says we must.
That’s why so many hesitate
when they pass the offering plate?
And why so many folks resent
the thought of giving ten percent?
They need to know their faith is thin.
They claim belief, but won’t begin
to trust in God and do His will.
They’d rather trust a dollar bill.
They kid themselves; they justify
by saying they will not get by.
They don’t believe God’s word is true.
I wonder, is this meant for you?
If this feels like I’m pointing fingers
and a queasy feeling lingers
you should take some time and pray
for Faith to get you through each day.

From every dollar, give a dime.
From every hour, give some time.
From every gift, a gift is given.
That’s the way we should be livin’.

Jeff Hildebrandt © October 29, 2012

Friday, October 19, 2012

Politics as usual

Remember, sharing is caring. So feel free to pass this along if you like.

Politics as Usual

How do you choose
when you don’t have a choice?
What can you say
when you don’t have a voice?
How can you pick
when the pickens are slim
and the bright light of freedom
is fading and dim?
What truth can you hold to?
Is anything certain
when you don’t know who runs things
in back of the curtain?
Both sides in this rat race
are racing downhill
and it’s costing us more
to ensure our free will.
We’re riding a fast train
that’s out of control.
The Washington blame game
is taking its toll.
We wonder and worry
while puppets debate
and dance around just how
they’ll improve our fate.
The negative ads,
half-truth accusations
are shredding the fabric
of this once great nation.
In truth, there’ just one thing
to do to prepare;
Before going to vote,
go to Jesus in prayer.

Jeff Hildebrandt © Oct. 19, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Remembering the Fallen

There is a traveling display of military members from our state
who were killed in action. The display’s title started me thinking.

“Remembering the Fallen”

Remembering the Fallen.
Their pictures on display
along with information
why they’re not here today.

Each one paid the final price,
Their future has been sacrificed
so little girls can go to school
and boys can live the golden rule.
They’re men and women; youngsters all
who answered “Yes,” to duties call.
They gave their lives for you and me
in the fight to save our liberty.

Remembering the Fallen
who surround us every day.
Those who answered “No” to God
and blindly go their way.

But God has more tricks up his sleeve
to help the fallen ones believe
and thus avoid eternal wrath.
He puts believers in their path
who have the heart to show and tell
how Jesus went thru living hell
so they won’t have to pay sin’s price.
For their sake, make the sacrifice.

Remembering the Fallen.
The first thing you should do
is remember once upon a time
the fallen one was you

Jeff Hildebrandt © Oct. 10, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lesson of the Locked Door

He walked out thru that door for years
and always checked the lock.
He’d seen his wife forget to check
and laughed when she would knock
to have him let her come back in;
not laughing with, but at her.
Then one day he forgot to check.
Now, it’s no laughing matter.

Got the Picture?

It struck him that it’s almost like
the way some people feel
about the promises from God.
Their words and acts reveal
the feeling they have lots of time
to heed the Lord’s decree.
So they keep going thru the door
and never have a key.
If you or anyone you know
is living life that way
remember there’s no guarantee
you’ll have another day.
There’ll come a time God locks the door
and turns off all the lights.
Then those outside will find themselves
in everlasting night.

But, right now, while you still have time,
choose life eternally.
God’s given you a way back in
and Jesus is the key.

Get the picture?

Jeff Hildebrandt © Oct. 4, 2012

I'm curious about what this poem says to you and what it inspires, if anything.
And please, pass it on.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Cowboy Up America

Some of you have seen this before but as long as there are those fighting for our freedom, I'll keep reminding everyone I can of the reasons we're "over there."
God Bless our desert cowboys!

Cowboy Up America

When a Cowboy’s in a pinch,
he just tightens up the cinch,
spurs his horse and rides right through it
cause that’s the way the Duke would do it.
He’d Cowboy Up.
And when our country is in danger
a cowboy’s like the old Lone Ranger.
Ridin’ hard and shootin’ straight,
fightin’ those who spread the hate.
He’s Cowboy’d Up.
A Cowboy’s ready and he’s willin’
to face the foe, like Marshal Dillon.
And when the gun smoke clears away
Cowboy Spirit wins the day.
So, Cowboy Up.
Pull your hat down tight
and don’t back down
when you know what’s right.
We’ll bring back “Happy Trails” for you
like Hoppy, Gene and Roy would do.
Think back about Flight 93
and how those heroes came to be.
They knew that thousands more could die
if they just let that airplane fly
They Cowboy’d Up.
One widow had this tale to share,
a husband’s love and one last prayer.
And when their sacrifice was done
terror lost and Freedom won
“Let’s Roll”, he said and Cowboy’d up.
Cause Cowboys fight until they win
just like TV’s Paladin.
They will not let our flag unravel
as long as they Have Gun, Will Travel
And Cowboy Up, hell bent for leather.
Cause we’re all in this fight together.
We’re ridin’ hard right on their trail
and with God’s help, we will prevail.
If Gary Cooper, Joel McCrea
and Randolph Scott were here today
they’d fight for what is right and true.
But now, it’s up to me and you
to Cowboy Up.
So, let’s give Uncle Sam a hand
cause we’re all ridin’ for his brand.
Let New York and the Pentagon
inspire resolve to carry on
We’ve Cowboy’d Up. In God We Trust.
We fight because our cause is just.
We’re standin’ tall and standin’ free
Cause we won’t stand for tyranny.
So America, Cowboy Up!

Jeff Hildebrandt  2002

Friday, August 31, 2012

Politics as Usual

Once again, manufactured enthusiasm clouds better judgement. What sort of choice do we have when we're forced to pick between the lesser of two evils?

Politics as usual

The RNC is over
The DNC’s ahead
and if we lived on promises
we’ll all be better fed.
I get so aggravated
at how they smile and say
I’ll solve all your problems
if you just vote my way.
I’ll tell you what I told you
when I warned you once before
we have to stop the politics.
Vote incumbents out the door.
Petty Party Politics
are the order of the day.
So let’s get out a great big broom
and clean the crud away.
You want to be my President
Then pledge to end this strife.
If you force a change in Washington,
We can have a better life.

Jeff Hildebrandt © August 31, 2012.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Inspirational views

I had the pleasure of taking part if the True West Rail Fest in Durango, Colorado a few days ago. Met some wonderful people and rode the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gage railroad, pulled by an 1875 steam locomotive. Thought I'd share some of the pictures.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Beatitude # 7 and 8

We've come to the end of the Beatitude postings. I certainly hope these thoughts have been helpful.

5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they will be called children of God.”

“It’s my way or the highway.” We’ve all heard that refrain
and may have even said it when other folks complain.
It’s human nature just to bark at some obnoxious jerk
but God says He will bless you if you strive for peace at work
as well as in your church and home where discord and dissension
can simmer then boil over and shift your good intention
from doing unto others to fighting for your cause.
So, when you feel the urge to lash, just take a breath and pause.
Ask The Lord to help you speak with love so hate will cease.
Remember, God says he will bless all those who work for peace.

5:10 “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

The world seems like it’s closing in and beating down believers.
But God will not forget the way the faithful face deceivers
by maintaining Christian values and not crumbling with the weight
of Satan’s persecution; the evil lies and hate.
See, Jesus is a stumbling block to those who don’t believe
but a stepping stone to heaven for those who have received
God’s passport to Salvation by asking Jesus Christ
to make his home inside your heart and help you change your life.

In light of all God’s done for us, we should show gratitude
by living life with grace and love. That’s our Be-Attitude.

Jeff Hildebrandt © July 19, 2012

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beatitude #5 & 6

5:7 “Blessed are the merciful,
for they will be shown mercy.”

“What goes around will come around,”
we often hear folks say
referring to some nasty thing
that soon will come your way
because you did a dirty deed
to someone in your path.
And so you’ll end up suffering
from cru-el Karma’s wrath.
But Jesus said, be merciful
to all those that you meet.
Show them real compassion
and make God’s love complete
by doing something for them
to ease what causes pain.
Then you will see its mercy
that comes around again.

5:8 “Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they will see God.”

Those Hallmark moments make us think
the heart is full of love.
But Jesus said the heart is full
of stuff to get rid of
like coveting and arrogance,
adultery, lust and pride
that give our thoughts and words the stench
of something that has died.
This cesspool needs to be cleaned out
and that takes Holy Grace.
When we accept the gift of Christ,
His Spirit can replace
the wickedness, deceit and hate
with empathy and love.
That pure heart opens up our eyes
to blessings from above.
So if you want to see the Lord
the way most people don’t
you have to do the sort of things
most other people won’t.
You have to focus on the things
that God wants you to do.
Then you will see God’s glory
in what’s surrounding you.

Jeff Hildebrandt © July 19, 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

Beatitude #4

Matthew 5:6...

5:6 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they will be filled.”
And here’s to those who try to live the way the Lord intends.
They hunger after righteousness and strive to make amends
for all the times they’ve fallen short. They look to God above
and know that He’s the fountainhead of mercy and of love.
They daily walk the narrow path with Jesus by their side.
The ones who thirst for righteousness will soon be satisfied.

Jeff Hildebrandt © July 19, 2012

Beatitude # 2 and 3

Here are the next two Beatitudes from Matthew, chapter 5.

5:4 “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

Blessed will be the ones who mourn their sinful disposition
because their failures sadden God. Their contrite recognition
is a sign the Holy Spirit is at work within their heart.
Cause no one walks repentance road unless God plays a part.

5:5 “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”

Those who let God’s Spirit lead and willingly obey
may seem weak to the unsaved world they travel in today.
While others trample on the truth in search of worldly gain
the Godly person’s more concerned with easing worldly pain.
So, those who put their faith in Christ can turn the other cheek
knowing God has set aside the whole earth for His meek.

Jeff Hildebrandt © July 19, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

Beatitude #1

I was challenged to create a poetic version of the Beatitudes from the book of Matthew, chapter 5. This poem turned out to be a lot longer than most of what I write, so I've decided to post it in pieces. Sorry, you'll just have to come back again and again or I guess you could wait for the finish then read them all at one time. Now, if you know someone who might appreciate this, please let them know about it. Also, I'd love to know what you think.

Beatitude #1

Did you ever wonder what it was that Jesus cared about?
The attitudes we should embrace and those we should cut out.
Do you ever wonder what your life should look like day to day?
Is it more than Bible reading and taking time to pray?
Well, Jesus taught the curious who gathered on that hill
about the blessings God will give to those who do his will?

5:3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

First of all, we need to leave our ego at the door.
If we think we can do it all, what do we need God for?
The poor in spirit are the ones who know they can’t depend
on anything that they can do to be saved in the end.
The poor in spirit realize their sins must be confessed.
The ones who seek forgiveness are the ones who will be blessed.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Remembering Ernest Borgnine

I had the chance to chat with Mr. Borgnine about several of the Western movies he’d made, including The Wild Bunch and what it was like to work with Sam Peckinpah.

“We'd have a long, long, way to go before we find another Sam Peckinpah. He loved actors... loved to work them. I found him to be the one of the nicest, most wonderful directors in the world.” Peckinpah is well known for his demons but not so well known for his doubts. Ernie continued, “ I'll never forget the day when we had just finished a segment of the picture. He said I don't know I'm afraid of what we're going to get into here. And I said Sam, let it all hang out. And that's exactly what he did. A lot of blood. And a lot of shooting. I thought for sure we were going to get terrible, terrible reviews. And of course it became a classic. Sam knew how to shoot a good movie and I'm very proud of the Wild Bunch.”

I just thought you might appreciate this.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Not for Sale

You can buy a Quarter Horse, buy a truck.
Want a saddle? You’re in luck.
You can buy a horse trough, buy some hay.
You can buy new tack and by the way
if you need feed, there’s some for sale.
You can buy a bridal or hitching rail.
Buy a tractor or a curry comb.
Buy a pre-fab barn for your horse’s home.
But some things just are not for sale.
The evidence is clear
that two things you can only rent
are a cowboy and a beer.

Jeff Hildebrandt © July 5, 2012

Nuf Said?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Last Cattle Drive

Quite a while back, I read the story of the last cattle drive on a Flint Hills, Kansas range. It made me sad that this little link to the past has been severed.
I don't want to whine that we're loosing our heritage; there are plenty of people around doing that. You know, our heritage is actually the story of people making the best of circumstances that are less than the best. Just my observation from a foxhole on the frontlines of the battle between then and now!

Last Cattle Drive

This is true. I’m sure it is. The story was reported
widely on the internet. So, the facts were not distorted.

They did it how they did it when they did it long ago.
Cowboys in the saddle, 300 head of cattle
trod the Kansas Flint Hills nice and slow.

They did it like they did it when they did it in the past.
But those cowboys in the saddle, knew that for these cattle,
this end of summer round up was the last.

The last trip from the summer range but not to winter ground;
They’re headed for the trailers that are Oklahoma bound.

It costs too much to graze the herd in Kansas now-a-days
so the owners of this Flint Hills ranch had to find new ways
to fatten up their cattle. The answer was quite clear.
Just load ‘em up and truck ‘em to a feed lot south of here.

The image of that cattle drive was really quite iconic
and some who know the history point out just how ironic
that cattle once were driven north to graze the Kansas plain.
Now, literally, they’re driven back to graze from where they came.

Jeff Hildebrandt © June 22, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Independence Day

July the 4th, we celebrate
our beginning as a nation.
We wave the flag and fill the sky
with explosive celebration.
Then, we stand, and praise the land,
it’s mountains, plains and valleys.
We march the streets with heads held high
while people sleep in alleys.
The homeless just won’t go away.
In fact, the problem’s worse.
And, dependence on the government
has become this nation’s curse.

The stars and stripes that I salute
are symbols of salvation.
The stars are those my Father made
and tell of his creation.
The stripes show courage for a cause
that bought my liberty.
They’re lash marks suffered by the Lord
who sacrificed for me.
My independence came the day
God’s victory was won.
When I accepted Jesus Christ,
and said “Thy will be done.”
So I’ll salute Old Glory,
may she proudly wave on high.
But the cross has my allegiance
and will until I die.

Jeff Hildebrandt ©2005

Wounded Warriors

Audie struggled in the saddle thru out his film career
but not too many knew it. He fought on past the fear
and pain that came from battle to become a cowboy star.
And just like Audie Murphy, you start from where you are.
You strive to overcome the fear of how or what or when.
And if you stumble there are those to help you up again.
Because, you see, it’s up to us for whom you sacrificed
to make sure you have all you need, including this advice;
Rehab is a team event. Don’t think you’re on your own.
You have a Great Physician. Ask now and don’t postpone
shifting all your worries, all your heartache and your fears
onto His broad shoulders. He’ll wipe away your tears
and help you to refocus from the “won’t” to “yes, I will.”
So look to Him to help you as you climb that healing hill.
I can’t imagine how you grieve or feel your family’s pain
nor know the depth of anger and frustration that remains
because the person that you were was lost in all that hell.
I only know a new you is inside your fragile shell.
You need to focus on the love, encouragement and hope
and use the strength of others so each day you can cope
with all the insecurities and hard times in your way.
And trust that God is here for you each and every day.
One more thought I’d like to add; a post-script to your story:
Every wounded warrior is made new thru God’s great Glory.

Jeff Hildebrandt © June 20, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Cowboy Thing To Do

As you watch Colorado go up in smoke, pray for those who put their safety at risk to save lives and property. But also remember The Cowboy Thing to do

A Cowboy’s never taller
than when he’s on his knees.
A Cowboy’s never stronger
than when he asks God, please.
A Cowboy’s never braver
than when he sheds a tear
for families who have lost it all
in wild fire storms this year.

A Cowboy is a symbol
cause he works till he succeeds.
A Cowboy is a hero
cause he helps folks who’re in need
like all the Red Cross volunteers
who never hesitate
to comfort victims of the fires
forced to evacuate.

It costs a lot to bring relief
to those who need it now
and those who’ll need it down the road.
You can help, here’s how:
Just make a contribution,
do whatever you can do.
When you help out the helpers,
cowboy spirit lives in you.

Jeff Hildebrandt © June 29, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Riotous Rider

Not sure I'm happy with the title...Please feel free to make a suggestion. I'd also appreciate finding out what this says to you.

The Riotous Rider

He’s saddled up his get-away. There’s nothing left to do
but ride, hell bent for leather and look for someplace new
where he can get a brand new start and leave his past behind.
He doesn’t know, what’s chasing him is all just in his mind.

He’s riding from his demons, from desires and disillusion.
He’s riding round in circles and he’s dizzy from confusion.
He’s riding after money, after fame and adulation.
He’s riding for the easy life of permanent vacation.

He’s riding from his troubles down the alley of self-doubt.
He knows he can’t escape it but just can’t figure out
a way to get the upper hand on all his misery
when a world that’s stacked against him is all that he can see.

He’s ridden past the answer and if he’d stop and wait
he’d find the one to help him out. He’d find it’s not too late
to ask The Lord to ride with him and be his saddle pal.
Then God will guide his pony and bring peace to his corral.

Jeff Hildebrandt © June 15, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cowboys and Indians honor

Just a quick note to let you know that I am very honored to have another of my poems, "Cowboy Poets," chosen as last week's Poem of the Week by Cowboys and Indians magazine's website. If you haven't read it, here it is:

We talk about the cowboy.
We talk about the West.
We paint word pictures of a place
the sun goes down to rest.
Some recount ranch humor
and some replay the wrecks
when horse and rider both went down
and bounced like rubber checks.
Some talk of creaking leather
or the smell of new moan hay,
or the way the stars light up the sky
at night we’re you’re away
from city lights and traffic noise.
It’s quiet way out West
when you’re gathered round the camp fire
where the sun goes down to rest.

Some rhymers will remind us
in their own poetic way
that “Out West” did not happen
in an accidental way.
God chiseled out the flat top buttes
and gouged the canyon land.
God set the Colorado’s course
and I believe He planned
that when we gaze upon West;
its awesome size and scope
that we would be reminded,
in the midst of trials, there’s hope.
God knew we’d need reminding
so He planned this from the start.
cause in the end, it’s clear my friend,
God’s got cowboy in his heart.

Jeff Hildebrandt © April 25, 2012

And my poem, "Limited Liability" was quoted by Sharon Gilbert in her political column for at:

Now, where can I buy a lottery ticket?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Big Iron

I know, I know, there are times when I should leave well enough alone. This may have been one of those times.

Big Iron

To the world of western music
came an outlaw one fine day.
His tunes would touch the masses
and they still are played today.
And if I can be forgiven
for a little PC slip
I’ll re-write some Marty Robbins
for a short nostalgic trip…a short nostalgic trip.
To a town in Colorado
rode a stranger one fine day.
She got lots of folks around her
when she stopped to make her play.
Everyone could tell her business;
they brought dresses, shirts and slips,
cause she came to press their laundry
with that big iron on her hip…big iron on her hip.

Jeff Hildebrandt © May 30, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You Just Can't See It From The Road

My friend, Donnie Blanz wrote a great song a few years ago called, "You just can't see him from the Road." One of the lines, "as long as there's a sunset, he'll be riding for the brand," inspired my poem and the book, Ridin' for the Boss and the Brand. Now, I've borrowed his melody line and created the sort of poem that always got me in trouble with people who want to leave well enough alone. I only hope this encourages us all to put our faith into action. I'd also love to hear your thoughts.

You just can’t see it from the road

Folks don’t feel his touch
like the way they did before.
Some don’t think His miracles are seen.
But, that ain’t really him
with a Rolex on his wrist
that they sit watching on their TV screen.
But He’s still out there mending fences;
still helping others with their load.
And as long as people need it
he’ll be lending them a hand.
You just can’t see it from the road.
If you drive along the highway,
never exit to downtown
then the price of gas is all you’ll think about.
If you keep your eyes straight forward
and your radio turned up
you can tune the cries for help completely out.
But, He’s still out there mending fences;
Still helping others tote their load.
And as long as people need it
His believers lend their hands.
They just don’t do it from the road.
If you claim to be a Christian
do you do or simply sit?
Are you helping others with their heavy load?
If you want to see a miracle,
you must go to where they are
cause you can’t see them from the road.
Yes, God’s still out there spreading mercy;
and He could use someone like you
cause as long as people need it
His believers lend their hands
You just can’t see it from the pew.
Jeff Hildebrandt © May 30, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hesitation Blues

I am a fan of Guy Clark and have been since I played his music (Desperados waiting for a train) on KFDI-FM in Wichita, in the mid-70s. We were early adopters of the so called progressive country format. Our slogan was "KFDI-FM, stick it in your ear." Encough of that. So, I was listening to Guy Clark's "Dublin Blues" on You Tube the other day and began retro-fitting rhymes into his melody. Stream of unconsciousness. I didn't know where I was going but this is where The Spirit led. Now my question is what does this say to you?

Hesitation Blues

Well, I wish I knew the answer
to the questions that you pose
I wish that I felt qualified
to answer. I suppose
that’s why I shy away from
speaking boldly but in love
about my faith in Jesus
and the Grace that’s from above.

So, forgive me for my silence,
forgive me when I balk.
But know that if you’re curious
just ask me and I’ll talk.

I’ll tell you all the changes
that believing made in me
but I do not wish to argue
or debate philosophy.
I’m still a work in progress
all you get is what you see;
A sinner who’s been saved by Grace
for life eternally.

So, forgive my hesitation;
In-your-face is not my style.
My actions are my witness.
God’s love is in my smile.

Jeff Hildebrandt © May 11, 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012


On my way to work, when I'm not trying to find a traffic report, I listen mostly to our local Christian radio station and a program called "Truth for Life" with Pastor Alistair Begg. Last week, he had a two part talk on The Secret of Contentment. I wonder if all those people who bought into the lottery frenzy a while back felt a little sting if they heard it? Here is my Reader's Digest conversation starter centered on Phillipians 4:

He goes to work to watch the clock
as weeks and months drag on.
She’s longing for retirement
when she can just be gone.

She doesn’t like the way she looks
and wishes she were smaller.
He knows that he’d be happier
if he were only taller.

He’s angry that promotions
don’t ever come his way.
She’s found that she likes vodka
and drinks more every day.

They wonder where the lust for life
and all their passion went.
They wonder what it’s going to take
for them to feel content.

In his letter to Phillipians,
Paul told his Christian brothers
contentment comes from loving God
and showing love to others.

If we focus our attention
on rejoicing in the Lord
we won’t be looking longingly
at what you can’t afford.

Jeff Hildebrandt © April 30, 2012

Now, it's your turn. What does Phillipians 4 say to you? Talk among yourselves and get back to me.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cowboy Poets

While being lazy near the Colorado River deep in the canyonlands near Moab, Utah, I just soaked in the stillness and scenery of what I think of as John Ford country. Then thought, words can't describe it, but that didn't stop me. If you've been there, you know. If you haven't, just watch a John Ford western movie, like Stagecoach with John Wayne.


We talk about the cowboy.
We talk about the West.
We paint word pictures of a place
the sun goes down to rest.
Some recount ranch humor
and some replay the wrecks
when horse and rider both went down
and bounced like rubber checks.
Some talk of creaking leather
or the smell of new moan hay,
or the way the stars light up the sky
at night we’re you’re away
from city lights and traffic noise.
It’s quiet way out West
when you’re gathered round the camp fire
where the sun goes down to rest.

Some rhymers will remind us
in their own poetic way
that “Out West” did not happen
in an accidental way.
God chiseled out the flat top buttes
and gouged the canyon land.
God set the Colorado’s course
and I believe He planned
that when we gaze upon West;
its awesome size and scope
that we would be reminded,
in the midst of trials, there’s hope.
God knew we’d need reminding
so He planned this from the start.
cause in the end, it’s clear my friend,
God’s got cowboy in his heart.

Jeff Hildebrandt © April 25, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green

I heard a younger person say,
"The problems that we face today
all started long before my birth
by those who didn’t see the worth
in cleaning up the planet earth.
The downward spiral’s clearly seen
because you all would not “go green.”

But, I remember when the milkman
would deliver to the door
and we returned our soda bottles
to the grocery store.
Those bottles would be sterilized,
filled up and used again.
But no one talked ‘bout “going green”
where we were way back then.

I remember all those hand-me-downs
and shoes that were re-soled.
We wore short sleeves in summer
and sweaters when it’s cold.
I remember faded Levi jeans,
that were patched and patched again
but no one talked, “recycling”
where we were way back then.

I remember when we all just walked
to get to school and back
and no one preached that exercise
is what our children lack.
We drank from water fountains
when we were parched and dry.
We re-used all our coffee mugs
and never thought to buy
a latte in a paper cup
that won’t be used again.
But no one talked of “going green”
where we were way back then.

I remember when the family
all watched the same TV
and no one said we’re wasting
all our E-lec-tricity
I remember moms washed diapers,
then hung them on a line.
But no one talked of solar power;
Cause the sun dried clothes just fine.

But youth today are right of course.
We need ecology
because this green initiative
spurs our economy.
I only wish we’d understood
when we were young back then.
So we could have taken action
to avoid this mess we’re in.

Jeff Hildebrandt © April 12, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Call

If you read the Old Testament book of 1 Samuel, chapter 3, you'll see the story of God calling a young boy named Samuel. Go ahead, read it and I'll wait.......
Well, that story is what inspired this CALL to action.

The Call

I got a call the other day.
It didn’t come in the usual way.
I was sleeping and I heard it, way back here,
you know, right behind the inner-ear.
I was hearin’ voices

The voice said “sun”,
so I looked outside.
But it was night.
The voice had lied.
The only thing out there shining was the moon.

I stood there a minute to clear my head
then decided I’d go back to bed.
I just laid down and closed my eyes
when I began to realize
The voice was back.

I thought, “It’s bogus, this is phony,
I just ate too much pepperoni
which mixed with hot fudge and ice cream
to cause this most annoying dream.
I’ll just take some Pepto.

The voice was pounding in my ear.
I said “Good God, what’s happening here?”
The voice said, “Finally, I got through.
Now here are things for you to do.
Better write this down.

The voice said, “You must spread the news
to all those sitting in the pews
that Sunday worship’s not enough.
They have to get up off their duff.
I put you here to love each other;
so get out there and help your brother.
Make sure he’s got enough to eat
and no more sleeping on the street.
What you have is not your own.
I’ve just given you a loan
and you should show My love this way;
by sharing what you have each day.
And do it with a smile.”

Since then I’ve learned that one and all
have gotten or will get a call
to share God’s love with someone else
and not just focus on yourself.
The bottom line is still the same;
help someone else in Jesus’ name.
And let them know that what you do
is all because God first loved you.
So, listen for the call and whatever you do,
don’t hang up.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

I don't drink wine

Merlot, Marsala, Muscadel
Burgandy, Boone’s Farm, Zinfandel
Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay
Mad Dog, Ripple or Rose
I don’t like wine.
Sangria, Riesling, any Pinot
Fact is that I can’t drink vino
Morgan David, Thunderbird,
Cabernet, it sounds absurd
but, I don’t like wine.
Chianti, Cognac, Lambrusco
I’d rather just drink H-2-O
than Brandy or some sort of Port
but if I must, my last resort
in order to shut other’s up
is a splash of wine with 7 Up.
I do like 7 Up.

Jeff Hildebrandt © April 6, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rush to Judgment

As quickly as the tempest troubled the teapot, the storm subsided and we are left to wonder what all the fuss was about. Why were so many people up-in-arms when a professional trouble-maker, who is hired to aggravate the masses, did his job so well that he got several days of national publicity? What's the lesson here?

Rush to Judgment

First, I want to make it clear
I don’t condone his action here
but let me say I understand
saying more than he had planned.

I’ve done it more than once or twice
and, yes, I’ve had to pay the price.

His opposition was delighted
that Rush Limbaugh got so excited
he used some words he shouldn’t use.
And that became much bigger news
than any point he tried to make.
The slurs he used were a mistake.
He publicly has been chastised.
He’s publicly apologized.

I, for one, think that’s enough.
Let’s look at more important stuff.

Like, what the devil’s going on
now that Timmy Tebow’s gone
from Denver to the New York Jets?
I hope he doesn’t have regrets
and hope he finds new friend’s who’ll pray
and keep him on the narrow way.

I also hope the same for you.
That’s the least that I can do.

But, maybe “least” is not correct
when you analyze a prayer’s affect.
Every need or person mentioned
focuses the Lord’s attention
and opens doors to intervention.
And that is really my intention.

So let me rap this rhyme by stressing
I pray you will feel God’s blessing.
Remember, you can do the same;
lift others up in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Jeff Hildebrandt © April 4, 2012

I bet that's not where you expected this to go, is it? Maybe the lesson is that instead of a rush to judgment, we need a rush to intercession. Hmmmm!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Charade

Easter Greetings, Easter Bonnet,
Easter Dress with ruffles on it.
Easter Outfits, brand new shoes,
Sunrise Service on the news.
Easter Sunday we all go
to church to see the fashion show.
The pews are packed; it’s wall to wall
Easter Lilies line the hall.

Easter baskets come in handy
to carry all your Easter candy
and Easter eggs which are designed
for some to hide and some to find.

Easter sales on summer clothes;
How it happened, no one knows.
The Easter Bunny came one day
and simply took the Truth away.

Now, this yearly celebration
is over eggs and not salvation.
And yet, God’s gift is there for you.
To get it all you have to do
is talk to God, confess your sin
and ask for help to start again.

It’s time to choose; love or money?
Either worship God, or the Easter Bunny.

Jeff Hildebrandt © April 1, 1991

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pre-Destined Improvisation

Pre-destined, Pre-determined, luck of the draw, ships passing in the night, a chance encounter, a maze of wrong turns, how do you look at your life?

Pre-Destined Improvisation

My life is a scripted reality show.
What comes next? I don’t know
but the one who wrote the story does
and he won’t let me know because
he wants to see how I react
to each new challenge and attack.

I know my character’s history
and have in mind who I should be
in relation to the other actors.
But then, there are the unknown factors
that derail my train of thought
and totally confuse the plot.

The ending may be written down
but my story seems to bounce around
like a pinball’s bumper ricochet.
I head in many different ways.
Flashing lights, no control,
speeding t’ward that little hole
that means my game is finally done.
Did I loose or have I won?

Suddenly, I’m launched again
by bouncing off an unseen friend
who, by some chance, was in the way
and now I find, I’m back in play.

I wonder where this course will lead,
then run across someone in need.
I pass a derelict and nod.
I think, “But for the Grace of God.”
He extends a pleading hand.
I reach out to help him stand
then, smiling, send him on his way
and suddenly, he’s back in play.

It seems my life is improvised
but that is just because my eyes
are focused on what lies ahead.
If I look back, I’ll see instead
the show’s director always knew
exactly what I would go thru.
He knew at times I would regret it,
but when they roll the final credit,
everyone; the crew and cast
who have been faithful to the last
will understand the story lines.
We’ll know exactly what defines
success in everything we’ve done.
It’s our acceptance of the one
who made the scenery, set the stage
and offered guidance on each page.
So, make the time to sit and look
at just what’s in the Author’s Book.
You’ll find it’s full of needed clues
and that, my friend, is real Good News.
Accept your part and play your roll
with all your mind, your heart and soul.
And in the end your part will be
renewed by God, eternally.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 3/3/11

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Big Boat

Some will understand. Many won't. It's best if you read it out loud. Not real loud, mind you, just loud enough that you can hear yourself without bothering anyone around you. It's even better if you read it to your preacher.

The Big Boat

Stuart had a great big boat
Some said it was the best afloat.
You see it had a great big crew
To help the guests know what to do.
On weekends, it would have on hand
some singers and a 5 piece band.
And everyone who came on board
told Stuart that they just adored
the boat and all the crew had done
to make sure everyone had fun.

So, every weekend, without fail
the passengers and crew set sail.
But then one day, out of the blue
there didn’t seem to be much crew.
The singers and the band were gone
and even though the boat sailed on
it didn’t have the same appeal.
And Stuart told them, “Here’s the deal.
If you expect this ride to last
you’ll have to give support, and fast.

The Captain wants more than a tip.
That’s the lesson of Stuart’s Ship

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2/6/12

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Okay, I admit, I borrowed the melody and phrasing from Billy Joel's song, And So It Goes. But, since I don't sing, I guess the melody doesn't matter. Now, if you know the BJ song or can listen to it on You Tube, you can think the melody while you're reading the words. Otherwise, just go with the flow. The message here boils down to being open to the opportunity to explain your faith.


In every life there is a time
to stand your ground or hold your tongue.
But lessons of
God’s purest love
are never wasted on the young.

In younger days I went to church,
I read the words and heard the prayers.
I passed the test
to be confirmed
but never felt God truly cares.

And every time someone would ask
I told them, yes, I do believe.
And so it comes
and so it goes
until God touched me, I suppose.

A circumstance;
another chance;
the lessons learned came flooding back
With open eyes;
I realized
the love I lacked.

Your time is now to speak God’s grace.
Don’t be afraid, don’t hold your tongue
And as it comes,
so should it go
Your lessons just might save the young.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 4/23/2010

Friday, March 16, 2012

Limited Liability

OK, I try to avoid being overtly political and I want to make it clear this is NOT about one party or another. I think Woody Guthrie wrote a song, Hard Times, and talked about "republicrats and democans" being two different wings of the same bird of prey. Don Edwards does a wonderful version of that song, by the way. Well, it strikes me that the problem is not who's President, it's the elected officials who stay and stay and have so much power the only way to make a difference is a clean sweep. We need:
Limited Liability

I’m a “Clean Sweeper:”
a real change seeker.
I think we’re weaker
and want real leaders
not bottom feeders
while our country teeters
thanks to long term cheaters,
back room sneakers,
closet creepers,
incumbent keepers
and secret leakers.

All you still-asleepers

We’ve had enough.
Get off your duff
and get them off
the public trough.
You want change?
Then rearrange
those legislators
who play dictators
with the public trust.
It’s time we thrust
incumbents out
cause there’s no doubt
it can’t be worse
than the current curse
of unending terms
where weasely worms
have one concern.
In each election
make your selection
for someone new
and hold them to
what they say they’ll do.

The hill gets steeper.
The hole gets deeper.
Be a giant leaper.
Be a clean sweeper.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2/8/12

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Amazon Kindle-liscious

Just wanted to let y'all know that my rhyming resource is now available on Amazon Kindle:
Ridin for the Boss and the Brand is about using our faith. Sayin ain't Bein is more or less my journey to turn head knowledge into faith. Now, back to your regular programming!

BQ 2

This is not a commercial. Rather, it is a writing exercise about a restaurant in Englewood, Colorado that we try to get to on Saturday mornings. Writers who know what they're talking about say you have to write everyday. So this is me, keeping the words flowing, like the coffee at BQ 2.

Breakfast Queen #2

Burritos, Rancheros and Huevos Garcia
are three of the reasons I’ll probably see ya
at the Breakfast Queen.
Biscuits and Gravy, Chicken Fried Steak,
ten different omelets, each order they make
is served with a smile. They’re happy you came
and it won’t be too long till they know you by name.
The French Toast is tasty and so is the bacon
so get what you like. Everything that they’re makin’
is done like you like it, guaranteed to taste fine.
The Green Chili’s so good you won’t mind the line
if you find that you got there a little too late.
I’ll tell you for certain its well worth the wait
for waffles or pancakes or Quesadillas.
That’s three more reasons I’ll probably see ya
at the Breakfast Queen.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2/24/2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sometimes I Forget

You know how the Bible says we're all different parts of the body and have different skills, talents and responsibilities? I've been told that I must be the big mouth. Ha Ha, not very funny....maybe true, but not very funny. Well, it strikes me that we all have a past that enables us to better use the gifts we have been given. For a long time, that didn't occur to me. I tried to block the memories of what I used to be until I found that my past actually helps me relate to the people around me. I know, it seems like common sense to a lot of you, but I'm a little slow on the uptake. Sometimes, I just forget.

Sometimes I find that I forgot
what put me in that place;
the honkytonks and rowdy rides
that lead to my disgrace.
Then, just like on that C.S.I.
a flashlight casts its beam
around my mind until it finds
a memory I’d not seen
or thought about for many years;
the folly of my youth.
The worldly haze and spiteful days
spent running from the truth.
Santana sang of evil ways
and that you had to change.
I’d sing along, like nothing’s wrong
while riding Satan’s range.
And then I see what blinded me
and kept me from the light.
I recognize that blood-shot eyes
had blurred what was my plight.

Sometimes I find that I forgot
just how I left that place.
I did not do it by myself,
it took Amazing Grace.
I marvel at how God saved me
and know I represent
the transformation God intends
for all who will repent.
When I accepted Jesus Christ
the things I valued most
became far less important
than the Holy Lord of Hosts.
Eternal life began right then
despite the devil’s rush
to keep me sinking deeper
in my mire of mental mush.
So I slog on thru the quagmire
on my way to higher ground
where I know the Rock of Ages
and God’s Glory will be found.

God tells me I should not forget
the reason for my past;
how He allowed my worldliness
until the time, at last,
was right for me to turn around.
And now I can relate
to those who run from righteousness.
Show them their sorry state
can be replaced with love and life
like God has done for me.
The Truth is that it’s not too late
to start life eternally.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2010

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Least of These

I remember writing this after a church board discussion about people who came to the office looking for money because they were driving to who-knows-where and needed gas or a room for the night. It brings up a question about being a good steward or being a good shepherd.

The Least of These

We don’t want to be taken advantage of
by people not really in need.
Oh, we’re willing to give to the down and out
if we’re sure that their motive’s not greed.

There are those we all know
who will put on a show
of poverty, hard luck and pain.
And we must be aware
if we let ourselves care
that our charity might be in vain.

So, we form a committee
designed to take pity
on those who can’t make it alone.
When the funding runs low
we kick in some dough.
And that’s how our charity’s shown.

But what did God say
in describing the way
faith’s tested to see if it’s real?
What matters, we’re told
is not how much gold
but our feeling for someone’s appeal.

In the 25th of Matthew,
start at 35,
The Lord’s describing Judgment Day
and those who will survive.
The sheep are those the shepherd chose
to get their just reward.
Because they offered what they had
to those the world ignored.
The goats are those who saw a need
and then had this reaction;
because they feared they might be conned
the simply took no action.

So what does Christ say
in regard to the way
we should treat everyone that we see?
Do all you can do
because, it is true
you’re doing it as unto Me.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2/6/12

Friday, February 17, 2012

Treading Water in a Skeptic Tank

The skeptic's mantra is to only believe what you can see, hear, touch, and document. So, faith is a concept they can't understand, or if they understand the concept, they can't accept the reality. But our lives can show them the reality of Grace. Afterall, we once were lost and now we're found; we're blind but now we see.

Treading Water in a Skeptic Tank

They live their lives as over-achievers,
wine and diners, unbelievers.
They pride themselves on planning ahead.
Like all good little sheep, they’re led
to always put the max amount
in their IRA account.
They live their lives with kicks and grins
cause he who has the most toys wins.
They’re treading water in a skeptic tank
with no one but themselves to thank.

They won’t put trust in anyone.
They feel when all is said and done
it’s best if they stay skeptical
and use that round receptacle
to crumple up and throw away
requests for help they get each day.
They’re treading water in a skeptic tank
with no one but themselves to thank.
And when they get too tired to tread
they’ll stand on someone else instead.

It’s up to us who know what’s true
to show them there are people who
only want the chance to say,
“I’d like to be your friend today
and I want nothing in return
except the chance to help you learn
there’s more to life than how you’re livin’.
Just take the gift that God has given.
God sent His Son to earth with love
to open heaven’s gates above.”

See, Jesus is the one we thank
for lifting us from the skeptic tank.

jeff hildebrandt © Feb. 17, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It’s two fifteen;
not the time, but the date
No heart shaped cookies
remain on the plate
No unopened cards
with words of romance
No unfulfilled dreams
of a dinner and dance
No fondue for two,
no chocolate or wine
No hand-holding stroll,
no stand-still of time
No, all that remains
are a flower or two
and the whispers of love
that were said to you.
All that remains
is the warmth of embrace,
the touch, the caress
and the smile on your face
All that remains
is the love that you share
not just for one day.
It’s always there
In good times and bad;
easy or hard
Your smile and your touch
are my Valentine card.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2/15/11

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Won't you be my Valentine?

Roses are red,
and so are your lips.
I'd give you some sweets,
but they'd go to your hips.
You must avoid chocolates,
or anything yummy
'cause once you indulge,
it goes right to the tummy.
And flowers are out.
With your allergies,
just a mention of mums
and you start to sneeze.
I could whisper sweet words
of love and romance,
but with your heart condition,
I won't take the chance.
Though a candle light dinner,
with music and wine
seems perfect,
it's just not for my Valentine.
You see, the meal might
make your arteries hard.
So, I guess the next best,
is to send you a card.
Of course I'll need one
where the printing is bold
Poor eyesight's a sure sign
that you're getting old.
It has to say love,
for now and forever.
A love for all time;
that nothing can sever.
A love that will last
despite what you do.
And say, I want only
the best things for you.
The love that I offer
has been and will be
just waiting for you,
It's a life changing love,
so pure and so clean.
It’s the love that’s described
in John 3, verse 16.

For God so loved the world, it says,
He gave His only Son
to get us out from under
all the rotten things we’ve done.
And if we just believe in Grace
and take the gift God’s given
then when He comes in Glory
we’ll go home with Him to Heaven.
Where we’ll ride the finest ponies
on saddles, pillow soft
and never have to stack the hay
up yonder in the loft.
The streams will all be clear and cool
with lots of rainbow trout
and every time you wet a line
you pull another out.
You can sleep past every sunrise
and the victuals will be fine.
If you say “yes” when Jesus asks,
“Won’t you be my valentine”?

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2009

Monday, February 13, 2012

When Reality sets in

A pre-Valentine quicky.

When Reality sets in

When they got back from their honeymoon
the bride called mom in tears
and said her husband’s language
is the worst she’s heard in years.
“He’s using those 4 letter words,”
she said, “I can’t adjust.”
“Words like what,” her mother asked?
Words like Wash, and Iron and Dust.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2/13/12


Tomorrow is Valentine's Day so I thought I'd share a love poem that just points out how men and women see love differently.


I let you fry my bacon.
I let you bake my beans.
I let you cook my cornbread,
and wash my old blue jeans
in that brand new Kenmore washer
you got in ’93
as a sign of my affection
on our anniversary.

Waddayamean you want to leave?
I let you groom my pony.
Now, suddenly you’re all upset
and wantin’ alimony.
I let you drive the pick up
when you get the feed and such.
And I kept clear out of your way
when you replaced the clutch.

So, whaddayamean you don’t feel loved
and you’re just a hired hand?
Didn’t you say for better or worse
when the ring went on your hand?
And darlin’ you’ve had better than most.
I don’t know what you’re thinkin’.
Aren’t I here to remind you
of things to be done
and don’t I come home after drinkin’?

Whaddayamean we never talk?
You hardly say a peep.
Last night I tried to talk to you
and you just fell asleep.
It looks as though your mind’s made up
though I don’t know why you’re peeved.
But there’s one thing I’d like to ask
Can you clean out the barn ‘fore you leave?

Jeff Hildebrandt © 1999

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lest We Forget

December 7th, ’41;
a day that changed the world,
A sneak attack on sunny shores
and suddenly we’re hurled
into a globe, trench deep in war.
We rallied for the fight;
we scrimped and shared and sacrificed
for others day and night.
That Sunday morning massacre
woke up this sleeping giant
and we became UNITED states;
resilient and reliant
on everyone to do their job,
at home or over there.
December 7th brings to mind
a truth I’d like to share
about how great our country was
and all that we can be.
We are one nation under God,
conceived in liberty.

9-11 hit us hard;
a day that changed our world.
A sneak attack in our back yard
and suddenly we’re hurled
into a war a world away
where mad men terrorize
and believe in killing innocents.
It’s the devil in disguise;
a wolf dressed up just like a lamb
whose only goal is slaughter.
A heartless demon who won’t quit,
come hell or come high water.
So you can pray for peace and love
but be prepared to fight
cause freedom isn’t free my friend
and cowboys know that’s right.
Then seek the wisdom from on high,
not Washington D.C.
cause we’re one nation under God
and that’s our liberty.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 1/26/12

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

God Bless America (2 Chronicles 7:14)

We hear “God Bless America”
an awful lot these days.
With so many people saying it
why are there delays
in the blessings that we’re seeking?
Why does God ignore
all our efforts to persuade Him?
Could it be we’re asking for
God to bless our efforts
but not get in the way
of all the faithless actions
that continue every day?
When someone wants to get your vote
or just hear you applaud
they flash a semi-sincere smile
and raise their hand to God
to make you think they’re serious.
I always get the feeling
their prideful pleas for plenty
don’t make it past the ceiling.
See, asking for God’s Blessing
in these very trying days
should be coupled with humility
and u-turns from wicked ways.
Check out second Chronicles,
Chapter 7; verse 14
to learn what God requires from us
so blessings can be seen.
Now, bow your head, bend your knee,
and seek His Holy Face.
Then God will Bless America
and show us all His Grace.
Jeff Hildebrandt © 1/11/12

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Tip

The cowboy had a point to make
to his pint sized buckaroo
about respecting others
and the hard work that they do.

“When your Uncle Bud was 10,” he said,
“he stopped to get a treat
at the soda fountain counter
in the drug store down the street.
Sandy was the waitress then.
She told the tale to ma
and said it was the sweetest gesture
that she ever saw.
Bud asked her what a sundae cost,
she told him 50 cents.
She saw him count his pocket change
and then his face got tense.
How much for some plain ice cream?
That’s 35, she said.
Bud smiled and asked for chocolate
then for peppermint instead.

He was always partial to peppermint,”
this father told his son
then went on with the lesson
about what Bud had done.

“Bud paid and left then Sandy went
to clear away his bowl.
She told his ma what she saw there
just touched her very soul.
And as she talked the tears began
to roll down Sandy’s face
remembering two nickels
and five pennies by his place.
He could have had a sundae,
but he settled for a dip
He could have thought just of himself
but instead, he left a tip.”

The lesson from that cowboy is
thank folks for what they do
and treat them with the same respect
you feel is due to you.
Doing unto others
should be each cowboy’s creed.
And if it were, we’d all be
better off, indeed.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 11/18/11

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

LIttle Country Church

I turned a picture into words. I hope these words create a picture for you.

Little Country Church

Wooden, white, weathered and worn,
surrounded by hard pack, thistle and thorn.
Whitewash fades from warping walls.
The steeple bell no longer calls
the faithful in to find their pews
and be inspired by God’s Good News.
Stained glass memories of better days
create a multi colored haze
on unused pulpit, dust-caked floors,
a broken chair and open doors.

Tractor tracks gouge the gravel drive
where farming families once arrived
on Sunday morning and Wednesday night.
But now, the economic plight
has forced those families off the land
and into lives they never planned.
Weeds grow thru the picket fence
that surrounds the congregants
who lay beneath once well kept sod.
Headstones proclaim their faith in God
and say they have gone on to Glory.
But, no one’s here to read their story.

The scene is quaint and some say, sad.
An empty church. But it’s not bad
because the seeds of faith they grew
have been transplanted someplace new.
The good news soon to be revealed
is of the increased harvest yield.
God’s field hands have been moved to where
they can witness, love and care
for those whose lives are in the lurch.
See, that building’s just a building.
God’s people are The Church.

Jeff Hildebrandt © Jan. 4, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

Stress Management

By now, I presume that all of us who are going back to work, have gone back and those who are between jobs, have resumed the search. What we all share, more than likely, is a sense of stress. So, I'd like to share my
take on a remedy that I heard of a couple of years ago. When it comes to stress:

I’ve heard that cowboys don’t need shrinks
or boxes of puffs tissues.
Some gather with Jack Daniels
to help resolve their issues
while others learn stress management
to help them to unwind
and their technique will work for you.
First, you clear your mind.
Imagine you can hear the splash
of water over stones
The solitude surrounds you
in this place that’s all your own.
Sunlight streams through Oak and Pine.
Bluebirds dart thru trees
and there’s a sort of wet leaf smell
wafting on the breeze.
Then picture you next to a stream
with water, clear and cool
and you can see your image there,
reflected in the pool.
Now, next to you, you see the face
of one who caused your pain.
And you hold him underwater
till you’re peaceful once again.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2012