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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Won't you be my Valentine?

Roses are red,
and so are your lips.
I'd give you some sweets,
but they'd go to your hips.
You must avoid chocolates,
or anything yummy
'cause once you indulge,
it goes right to the tummy.
And flowers are out.
With your allergies,
just a mention of mums
and you start to sneeze.
I could whisper sweet words
of love and romance,
but with your heart condition,
I won't take the chance.
Though a candle light dinner,
with music and wine
seems perfect,
it's just not for my Valentine.
You see, the meal might
make your arteries hard.
So, I guess the next best,
is to send you a card.
Of course I'll need one
where the printing is bold
Poor eyesight's a sure sign
that you're getting old.
It has to say love,
for now and forever.
A love for all time;
that nothing can sever.
A love that will last
despite what you do.
And say, I want only
the best things for you.
The love that I offer
has been and will be
just waiting for you,
It's a life changing love,
so pure and so clean.
It’s the love that’s described
in John 3, verse 16.

For God so loved the world, it says,
He gave His only Son
to get us out from under
all the rotten things we’ve done.
And if we just believe in Grace
and take the gift God’s given
then when He comes in Glory
we’ll go home with Him to Heaven.
Where we’ll ride the finest ponies
on saddles, pillow soft
and never have to stack the hay
up yonder in the loft.
The streams will all be clear and cool
with lots of rainbow trout
and every time you wet a line
you pull another out.
You can sleep past every sunrise
and the victuals will be fine.
If you say “yes” when Jesus asks,
“Won’t you be my valentine”?

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2009

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