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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Least of These

I remember writing this after a church board discussion about people who came to the office looking for money because they were driving to who-knows-where and needed gas or a room for the night. It brings up a question about being a good steward or being a good shepherd.

The Least of These

We don’t want to be taken advantage of
by people not really in need.
Oh, we’re willing to give to the down and out
if we’re sure that their motive’s not greed.

There are those we all know
who will put on a show
of poverty, hard luck and pain.
And we must be aware
if we let ourselves care
that our charity might be in vain.

So, we form a committee
designed to take pity
on those who can’t make it alone.
When the funding runs low
we kick in some dough.
And that’s how our charity’s shown.

But what did God say
in describing the way
faith’s tested to see if it’s real?
What matters, we’re told
is not how much gold
but our feeling for someone’s appeal.

In the 25th of Matthew,
start at 35,
The Lord’s describing Judgment Day
and those who will survive.
The sheep are those the shepherd chose
to get their just reward.
Because they offered what they had
to those the world ignored.
The goats are those who saw a need
and then had this reaction;
because they feared they might be conned
the simply took no action.

So what does Christ say
in regard to the way
we should treat everyone that we see?
Do all you can do
because, it is true
you’re doing it as unto Me.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2/6/12

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  1. I've wondered plenty about this subject. John has a family of five at the ranch who hit every church in the county. To my knowledge they don't attend any of them.