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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lest We Forget

December 7th, ’41;
a day that changed the world,
A sneak attack on sunny shores
and suddenly we’re hurled
into a globe, trench deep in war.
We rallied for the fight;
we scrimped and shared and sacrificed
for others day and night.
That Sunday morning massacre
woke up this sleeping giant
and we became UNITED states;
resilient and reliant
on everyone to do their job,
at home or over there.
December 7th brings to mind
a truth I’d like to share
about how great our country was
and all that we can be.
We are one nation under God,
conceived in liberty.

9-11 hit us hard;
a day that changed our world.
A sneak attack in our back yard
and suddenly we’re hurled
into a war a world away
where mad men terrorize
and believe in killing innocents.
It’s the devil in disguise;
a wolf dressed up just like a lamb
whose only goal is slaughter.
A heartless demon who won’t quit,
come hell or come high water.
So you can pray for peace and love
but be prepared to fight
cause freedom isn’t free my friend
and cowboys know that’s right.
Then seek the wisdom from on high,
not Washington D.C.
cause we’re one nation under God
and that’s our liberty.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 1/26/12

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