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Friday, December 28, 2012


So, while you're considering which diet program, exercise machine or gym to join, consider working on your inner self.


Did you ever stop to ponder
why you are the way you are?
Do you ever long for glory
or to be a movie star?
Are you envious of others?
Do you think that it’s a shame
that you weren’t given what they have;
good looks, good luck and fame?
Are your hips too big; top too small?
Do you look just like a pear?
Are you sure life would be better
if you just had curly hair?
Don’t fret that you’re not glamorous,
not a beauty or a hunk.
Remember, you’re a child of God
and God don’t make no junk.
If you just seek His Kingdom
and not focus on your own
God promises more riches
than this world has ever known.
When all is said and all is done
we won’t be envious.
Cause when Christ comes to take us home
it’s them, who’ll envy us.

Jeff Hildebrandt © July 31, 2012

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