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Monday, July 2, 2012

Wounded Warriors

Audie struggled in the saddle thru out his film career
but not too many knew it. He fought on past the fear
and pain that came from battle to become a cowboy star.
And just like Audie Murphy, you start from where you are.
You strive to overcome the fear of how or what or when.
And if you stumble there are those to help you up again.
Because, you see, it’s up to us for whom you sacrificed
to make sure you have all you need, including this advice;
Rehab is a team event. Don’t think you’re on your own.
You have a Great Physician. Ask now and don’t postpone
shifting all your worries, all your heartache and your fears
onto His broad shoulders. He’ll wipe away your tears
and help you to refocus from the “won’t” to “yes, I will.”
So look to Him to help you as you climb that healing hill.
I can’t imagine how you grieve or feel your family’s pain
nor know the depth of anger and frustration that remains
because the person that you were was lost in all that hell.
I only know a new you is inside your fragile shell.
You need to focus on the love, encouragement and hope
and use the strength of others so each day you can cope
with all the insecurities and hard times in your way.
And trust that God is here for you each and every day.
One more thought I’d like to add; a post-script to your story:
Every wounded warrior is made new thru God’s great Glory.

Jeff Hildebrandt © June 20, 2012

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