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Monday, July 2, 2012

Independence Day

July the 4th, we celebrate
our beginning as a nation.
We wave the flag and fill the sky
with explosive celebration.
Then, we stand, and praise the land,
it’s mountains, plains and valleys.
We march the streets with heads held high
while people sleep in alleys.
The homeless just won’t go away.
In fact, the problem’s worse.
And, dependence on the government
has become this nation’s curse.

The stars and stripes that I salute
are symbols of salvation.
The stars are those my Father made
and tell of his creation.
The stripes show courage for a cause
that bought my liberty.
They’re lash marks suffered by the Lord
who sacrificed for me.
My independence came the day
God’s victory was won.
When I accepted Jesus Christ,
and said “Thy will be done.”
So I’ll salute Old Glory,
may she proudly wave on high.
But the cross has my allegiance
and will until I die.

Jeff Hildebrandt ©2005

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