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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Cowboy Thing To Do

As you watch Colorado go up in smoke, pray for those who put their safety at risk to save lives and property. But also remember The Cowboy Thing to do

A Cowboy’s never taller
than when he’s on his knees.
A Cowboy’s never stronger
than when he asks God, please.
A Cowboy’s never braver
than when he sheds a tear
for families who have lost it all
in wild fire storms this year.

A Cowboy is a symbol
cause he works till he succeeds.
A Cowboy is a hero
cause he helps folks who’re in need
like all the Red Cross volunteers
who never hesitate
to comfort victims of the fires
forced to evacuate.

It costs a lot to bring relief
to those who need it now
and those who’ll need it down the road.
You can help, here’s how:
Just make a contribution,
do whatever you can do.
When you help out the helpers,
cowboy spirit lives in you.

Jeff Hildebrandt © June 29, 2012

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