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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cowboys and Indians honor

Just a quick note to let you know that I am very honored to have another of my poems, "Cowboy Poets," chosen as last week's Poem of the Week by Cowboys and Indians magazine's website. If you haven't read it, here it is:

We talk about the cowboy.
We talk about the West.
We paint word pictures of a place
the sun goes down to rest.
Some recount ranch humor
and some replay the wrecks
when horse and rider both went down
and bounced like rubber checks.
Some talk of creaking leather
or the smell of new moan hay,
or the way the stars light up the sky
at night we’re you’re away
from city lights and traffic noise.
It’s quiet way out West
when you’re gathered round the camp fire
where the sun goes down to rest.

Some rhymers will remind us
in their own poetic way
that “Out West” did not happen
in an accidental way.
God chiseled out the flat top buttes
and gouged the canyon land.
God set the Colorado’s course
and I believe He planned
that when we gaze upon West;
its awesome size and scope
that we would be reminded,
in the midst of trials, there’s hope.
God knew we’d need reminding
so He planned this from the start.
cause in the end, it’s clear my friend,
God’s got cowboy in his heart.

Jeff Hildebrandt © April 25, 2012

And my poem, "Limited Liability" was quoted by Sharon Gilbert in her political column for at:

Now, where can I buy a lottery ticket?

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