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Monday, October 15, 2012

Remembering the Fallen

There is a traveling display of military members from our state
who were killed in action. The display’s title started me thinking.

“Remembering the Fallen”

Remembering the Fallen.
Their pictures on display
along with information
why they’re not here today.

Each one paid the final price,
Their future has been sacrificed
so little girls can go to school
and boys can live the golden rule.
They’re men and women; youngsters all
who answered “Yes,” to duties call.
They gave their lives for you and me
in the fight to save our liberty.

Remembering the Fallen
who surround us every day.
Those who answered “No” to God
and blindly go their way.

But God has more tricks up his sleeve
to help the fallen ones believe
and thus avoid eternal wrath.
He puts believers in their path
who have the heart to show and tell
how Jesus went thru living hell
so they won’t have to pay sin’s price.
For their sake, make the sacrifice.

Remembering the Fallen.
The first thing you should do
is remember once upon a time
the fallen one was you

Jeff Hildebrandt © Oct. 10, 2012

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