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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Call

If you read the Old Testament book of 1 Samuel, chapter 3, you'll see the story of God calling a young boy named Samuel. Go ahead, read it and I'll wait.......
Well, that story is what inspired this CALL to action.

The Call

I got a call the other day.
It didn’t come in the usual way.
I was sleeping and I heard it, way back here,
you know, right behind the inner-ear.
I was hearin’ voices

The voice said “sun”,
so I looked outside.
But it was night.
The voice had lied.
The only thing out there shining was the moon.

I stood there a minute to clear my head
then decided I’d go back to bed.
I just laid down and closed my eyes
when I began to realize
The voice was back.

I thought, “It’s bogus, this is phony,
I just ate too much pepperoni
which mixed with hot fudge and ice cream
to cause this most annoying dream.
I’ll just take some Pepto.

The voice was pounding in my ear.
I said “Good God, what’s happening here?”
The voice said, “Finally, I got through.
Now here are things for you to do.
Better write this down.

The voice said, “You must spread the news
to all those sitting in the pews
that Sunday worship’s not enough.
They have to get up off their duff.
I put you here to love each other;
so get out there and help your brother.
Make sure he’s got enough to eat
and no more sleeping on the street.
What you have is not your own.
I’ve just given you a loan
and you should show My love this way;
by sharing what you have each day.
And do it with a smile.”

Since then I’ve learned that one and all
have gotten or will get a call
to share God’s love with someone else
and not just focus on yourself.
The bottom line is still the same;
help someone else in Jesus’ name.
And let them know that what you do
is all because God first loved you.
So, listen for the call and whatever you do,
don’t hang up.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2012

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