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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Got Troubles, 2011

The mighty Mississippi
just couldn’t be contained,
the more they built the levies up,
the more upstream it rained.
Across the heartland cyclones ripped
and wrecked their twisted death
then more tornadoes followed up
before they caught their breath.
Last year saw the Gulf Coast reel
and floods hit music city.
This May folks from South to North
need more than just our pity.
Charity begins at home
then moves on down the block
so let’s make sure these neighbors
have some hope when they take stock
of what they lost and what survived
and how they’ll start anew.
They need to know that God still cares.
It’s up to me and you
to help them cope and not lose hope;
feed body, soul and heart.
Donations thru your local church
are one good way to start.
So, make a contribution,
do what you can today.
And keep them in your daily prayers,
cause that’s the cowboy way.

jeff hildebrandt © May 25, 2011

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