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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blue Haired Old Lady

I have to give a nod to Willie Nelson and the Red Headed Stranger.


A blue haired old lady from North South Dakota
rode into town one day.
She heard they played pokers so she brought some money
and asked if they’d mind if she played
The yellow haired gambler looked over the table
and said to the lady there,
“If you’ve got the money just sit right down honey.
Won’t somebody get her a chair?”

I wheel ‘em and deal ‘em
It’s no-limit hold ‘em.
So put up or shut up and play.
I’ll shake her then break her
that gambler was thinkin’.
Then take all her money away.

The first card he dealt her was down and was dirty
but she didn’t seem to care.
She would raise and would call. She was havin’ a ball
and she took the hand with two pair.
This lady was cookin’. She’d raise without lookin’.
like she didn’t care how she played.
That gambler was cocky till his luck turned rocky
He didn’t hear anyone say-

Just wheel ‘em and deal ‘em
she’s here to play poker.
She’s tough and she’s bluffin’ to stay.
She’s bold and yer foldin’
and ‘fore the night’s over,
she’ll take all yer money away.

That blue haired old lady walked out of the card game
with all of the gambler’s dough.
But to stop all his guessin’, she taught him this lesson
and it’s one that we all should know.
Judge a book by its cover and you’ll soon discover
that prejudice gets in the way.
In the future I’m hopin’ you’ll keep your ears open
and listen to what people say

Don’t’ judge or begrudge em.
Treat everyone fairly
when anyone passes your way.
Be fair and be carin’.
Don’t jump to conclusions
Cause that is the cowboy way.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2005

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