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Monday, January 17, 2011

Coffee Cup Christianity

As my Bible Study group was wrapping up Henry Blackaby's "Fresh Encounter with God" book, this thought started percolating. The study centers on the need for prayer and repentence before there can be any revival. The poem does too.

Coffee Cup Christianity

Silently, he sits and stares;
His mind rehashing daily prayers
of thanks and joy, of wants and cares.
Silently, his sits alone
without the TV or his phone
and prays that God’s desires are shown.

In this solitude
he feels the steam
rise from his cup
as he drinks in the aroma
then tastes the bitter black.

Silently, he sits and waits
and wonders why God hesitates
when we are in such desperate straits.

Coffee gone,
he notices his morning mug;
stained from days of neglect.
He more than sees, he understands
why he’s been drinking bitter brew.

Silently, he prays, “Cleanse me
till I am all that I should be
and others can see You in me.”

Unchecked lives,
Unwashed cups,
stain deeply over time.
Both need daily cleaning
to taste the full flavor of God’s Grace.

Jeff Hildebrandt © Jan. 10, 2011

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