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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Easter Charade

Easter, like so many of our expressions of faith, gets watered down by those well-meaning but misguided souls who refuse to see the Truth in what the celebration is all about. Some of them will be in the pew next to you.

The Easter Charade

Easter Greetings, Easter Bonnet,
Easter Dress with ruffles on it.
Easter Outfits, brand new shoes,
Sunrise Service on the news.
Easter Sunday we all go
to church to see the fashion show.
The pews are packed; it’s wall to wall
Easter Lilies line the hall.

Easter baskets come in handy
to carry all your Easter candy
and Easter eggs which are designed
for some to hide and some to find.

Easter sales on summer clothes;
How it happened, no one knows.
The Easter Bunny came one day
and simply took the Truth away.

Now, this yearly celebration
is over eggs and not salvation.
And yet, God’s gift is there for you.
To get it all you have to do
is talk to God, confess your sin
and ask for help to start again.

It’s time to choose; love or money?
Either worship God, or the Easter Bunny.

Jeff Hildebrandt © April 1, 1991

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  1. I like this poem so much. Sometime I don't want to go to church on Easter or Christmas just for this reason.