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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flint Eyed

This is inspired by a painting on Bob Boze Bell's True West Magazine blog site. I've included the link and hope it gets you there.
If not, let me know. You might want to read the poem and picture it in your mind then look at the painting and see how close this comes.

Flint Eyed

He crouches on a grassy perch above the prairie;
Flint eyed, focused where each sunrise
brings with it the
comfort of yesterdays.

He crouches; silently seeking signs
in the cycle of sameness
but sensing sorrow.
He knows tomorrow
long shadows on short grass
foretell an end to what has been.

But for now, he crouches;
moist eyed
as sunrise leads to

Jeff Hildebrandt © 4/26/2011
inspired by a Bob Boze Bell painting.

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