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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Forensic Faith

This comes from Psalm 19 and elsewhere. I'm in a Bible Study on Truth and those who oppose it by quoting scientific guesswork as hard fact. Share this with them if you think it will help.

Forensic Faith

We see them gather evidence and examine every clue
from fingerprints to fibers. They search for what is true
about a crime and culprit, about who did the deed.
And in less than 60 minutes TV’s CSI’s succeed.

We see the tracks that wagons left and know who crossed the plains.
We find cook fires and arrowheads and know from those remains
about the tribes that rested there while chasing buffalo.
We know just how they lived their lives though it was long ago.

Though surrounded by the evidence some people have no clue.
The sun and stars, the trees and breeze all point to what is true.
They point to a Creator. But those folks turn their backs
and think the truth will go away if they ignore the facts.

While so called intellectuals postulate and whine
they can’t disprove creation or intelligent design.
They simply quote hypothesis and claim that it is fact.
And shout down faithful witness with a personal attack.

Well, the heavens tell God’s glory. The rocks cry out His name.
And like those TV CSI’s, believers must proclaim
the truth of what the evidence has made extremely clear:
It’s simply not an accident that all of us are here.

Jeff Hildebrandt © March 12, 2013

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