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Friday, March 8, 2013

Hope in the time of Timothy

I read a thought from Charlie Daniels a while back about 2 Timothy 3. I seem to recall that Charlie, I call him Charlie since I interviewed him once upon a time, Well, Charlie was pointing out that we living in the time this passage seems to describe. It started me thinking and I'd like to share my thoughts with you.

Hope in the time of Timothy
(2 Timothy 3)

He wondered what the future held.
He’d worry and he’d fret about unrest around the world.
His nerves were raw and yet,
he thought, “There’s nothing I can do to ease the pain and sorrow
that only seems to multiply. There’s no hope for tomorrow
when all that people talk about is how to get more stuff
or brag about great things they’ve done.”
He said, “I’ve had enough of people living for themselves.
They’re proud and loveless folks who only think of others
as the butt of cruel jokes.”
But when he tried to speak the truth of God’s love and salvation
he was shouted down and ridiculed with godless indignation
by those who say that Christians are just narrow minded fools.
And when we say there’s just one way we’re breaking all their rules.
Special interests thumb their nose at what’s inside God’s Word.
They flaunt their indiscretions till good-taste lines are blurred.
It’s the time foretold by Timothy; A time of deprivation
when attitudes of greed and lust have swept across our nation.

But then the Spirit told him, “God knows what’s going on.
So hold tight and be faithful cause this won’t last too long.
Do what you can to ease the pain. Show people this is true:
Even if you don’t believe, God still believes in you.

Jeff Hildebrandt © March 7, 2013

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