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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Devil's Mission

Our pastor is dealing with various "isms" that confront us everyday. The first in the series is Atheism. Wednesday nights there is a follow up with different insights into the topic. Last night a former athiest who came to realize the falicy of faithlessness described his journey away from and then back to the family of God. His mission now is to use the internet to spread the Good News. Please check it out:
Then, this morning I heard about the tornadoes in Arizona and thought this poem might be appropriate.

The Devil’s Mission

If I were the devil, you know what I’d do?
I’d do all I could to sabotage you.
I wouldn’t stick strictly to doing what’s wrong.
I’d win over souls by way of a song
or some other ploy, using things you enjoy.
At first, I’d use movies, magazines and TV
to show you how great greed and lusting can be.
And while your attention is focused on smut
I’d find somewhere else where I’d undercut
all your claims of good works and helping the poor
or feeding the hungry. And then what is more
I’d organize better; be first on the scene
with disaster relief. Do you see what I mean?
If I were the devil I’d protest and plead
that an end to abortion is what we all need.
I’d protest pollution, I’d say save the whales,
I’d show starving children, cause that never fails
to focus attention on somebody’s plight
so all the do-gooders can do what is right.

But, if I were the devil, the one thing I’d hate
is filling a soul, while filling the plate
of some down-and-outer who came off the street.
Don’t feed him on Jesus; just give him some meat.
Don’t think of your mission as means to an end
be content with the fact that you’re being a friend.
But, if I were the devil, my fears would be solved.
I’d just have you give money and not get involved.

Athiests are deluded by the devil into believing they don't need God. Athiesm amounts to "self-soverenty." might be able to help believers answer their doubts. Thus endeth today's message....

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