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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good Time Coffee Shop

This one comes from the days of performing anywhere and everywhere in order to get used to an audience and refine my skills. It's one thing to write poetry, alone with just the "muse." It is quite different to put your self in a position to have your work rejected or ignored. I heard about a coffee shop on East Colfax in Denver that had a western themed open-mic night for poets once a month. So I went a few times and that was the inspiration for this little verse.

Good Time Coffee Shop

There’s a place I know where cowboys go
to swap a yarn or three
of things they did whilst jest a kid
and at their mama’s knee.
They tell their tales of hoistin’ bales
or how they birthed a colt.
And after each, these cowhands reach
for a fresh brewed Java jolt.
Oh, the stories told of exploits bold
and dangers that they face
each buckaroo’ll swear are true
cause to lie is a disgrace.
Cow stampedes and tumbleweeds,
Hackamores and hobbles,
Pick up trucks and lady luck,
Jinglebobs and baubles
provide the inspiration
for each evening’s conversation.
There’s them who play the Western way
and sing a cowboy song
‘bout being at home where the buffalo roam.
and the whole crowd sings along.
Now, Friday night, when the mood is right
it’s somethin’ you should see.
A whole room full of wranglers
spoutin’ cowboy poetry
‘bout cattle queens in Abilene
and the tough life on the trail.
‘bout callused hands that work the land
and folks who’s word won’t fail
Oh, the stories told of exploits bold
are what them cowhands swap
as long as there’s hot java
at the Good-time Coffee Shop.

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