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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Attitude Check

The faster you read this,the better it sounds. Unless of course you read it silently to yourself then the words just bounce around your brain and make no sound at all.

Attitude Check

He’s a horseback, worn tack,
cut no slack, got-yer-back,
with scuffed boots, denim suits,
loud hoots and deep roots.
He’s a working man with a red-neck tan.
His only plan’s do what he can
with what he’s got cause he was taught
no matter what, your only thought
is get it done.
Done right, of course without remorse
and preferably done from a horse.
That’s the Cowboy Way.

I hate to say but now-a-days
we’ve turned away from that mainstay.
We want instant pudding and gratification.
We’ve become a shortcut nation.
Our attitude is like our food;
fried and fast not meant to last,
just finger licking, not rib-sticking.
Job switching, spouse un-hitching, ears twitching
for something new that we can do.
Some have no plan or attention span
and they don’t stand
for their belief and feel no grief
when they don’t get it done.
That’s the Worldly Way.

But we can’t hide the cowboy pride
we feel inside when we don’t slide
or shirk our work
but do it right, so every night
the setting sun sees jobs well done.
The world says that we’re obsolete
and can’t compete with those who cheat
to earn their pay. But cowboys say
just like this rhyme, it takes some time
but every hand should understand
riding for the boss and brand
means every task is like a test
and we should always do our best
and we’ll be proud when all is done.
That’s Cowboy Ethics 101

Jeff Hildebrandt © 3/10/11

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