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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's Just Not Fair

Now, here is an interesting trail. It reminds me of a carnival fun house; lots of mirrors and distractions that are meant to confuse and disorient us. Stick close to the path or you’re liable to get lost.

Does it seem, at times, like you are overwhelmed with obligations; that the inmates are running the asylum and no matter what you do, you can’t win?

I used to be a volunteer firefighter and I still have some of my equipment. I feel like wearing my helmet to work to protect myself from all the stuff that’s rolling down hill in my direction. And the boots sure come in handy when the, you know what starts getting deep.

But, as Christians, we have something else to cling to when troubles lead to self-pity. It is called Faith and with it, we can withstand today’s trials because we are assured of tomorrow’s victory.

It’s Just Not Fair

You work and you work,
but all you can gain
is higher blood pressure
and splitting migraines.
You can’t get ahead,
in fact, you lose ground;
Inflation and taxes
are wearing you down.
When heartache and pain
are all you can see
do you cry out,
“Good God, why do this to me?”
You’re crippled, alone;
you live in a chair.
Do you scream and lash out
’cause life isn’t fair?
Your skin isn’t white,
no job and no hope.
Will blaming the system
help you to cope?
The sewer’s your home,
when it overflows
do you sit and complain
about all of your woes?
Or, do you tread water;
give praise, not a curse
and thank God, the Father,
that it isn’t worse.
You’ll just waste your life
and won’t stand a chance
if you don’t see the “why”
of your circumstance.
Christians need teaching
and training that’s tough
’cause we’re facing a foe
who really plays rough.
Remember poor Paul
from Philippians One.
His chains helped him witness
and more souls were won.
He used his ordeal,
not let it use him.
And when he faced trials,
his faith didn’t dim.
Philippians Four,
recite with one voice
Rejoice in God always,
in all things rejoice.

When we lose track of Philippians Four, bitterness and frustration can boil over into anger and aggravation.

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