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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Devil's Mission

We often get so focused on doing, we lose track of why we’re doing it. It’s one of those half-truth scenarios the devil has been using
since he convinced Eve to eat that apple.

Your church is asked to contribute to a non-partisan, non-denominational, community based mission project called, “Hope for the Hopeless” or something like that. You just give money and they’ll be able to help thousands more than your church could do on its own. What would you do?

Let’s see, faith without works is dead, therefore, the more works, the better. So God must want us to help as many people as possible. Helping is what matters, not who does the helping. Right?

The Devil’s Mission

If I were the devil, you know what I’d do?
I’d do all I could to sabotage you.
I wouldn’t stick strictly to doing what’s wrong.
I’d win over souls by way of a song
or some other ploy, using things you enjoy.
Of course, I’d use movies and prime time TV
to show you how great greed and lusting can be.

And while your attention is focused on smut
I’d find somewhere else where I’d undercut
all your claims of good works and helping the poor
or feeding the hungry. And then what is more
I’d organize better; be first on the scene
with disaster relief. Do you see what I mean?

If I were the devil I’d protest and plead
that an end to abortion is what we all need.
I’d protest pollution, I’d say save the whales,
I’d show starving children, cause that never fails
to focus attention on somebody’s plight
so all the do-gooders can do what is right.

But, if I were the devil, the one thing I’d hate
is filling a soul, while filling the plate
of some down-and-outer who came off the street.
Don’t feed him on Jesus; just give him some meat.
Don’t think of your mission as means to an end
be content with the fact that you’re being a friend.
So, if I were the devil, my fears would be solved
if you’d only give money and not get involved.

The Bible cautions us to avoid putting emphasis on the act and forgetting the reason behind it.

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