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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Even Atheists deserve a holiday

The atheist said, “Enough’s enough,
it’s time I went to court.
Holidays are stacked against me
and I need the law’s support.”

“The Christians have their Easter.
They have Christmas and what’s more
the Jews take off for Hanukkah
and are gone for Yom Kippur.
There’s nothing for the atheist
and judge I must insist
you end discrimination.”
The judge said, “Case dismissed.”

The athiest said, “I object.
My lawyer will appeal.”
The judge said “There’s no reason
to prolong this sad ordeal.
Your claim has little merit,
I will not be reversed.
Only fools say there’s no God,
so your holiday’s April 1st.”

Jeff Hildebrandt © 1/21/11

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