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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dean Smith

He’s a cowboy legend with a Golden Boot.
He could ride a trick horse;
he could rope and could shoot.
But the movies were full
of those heroes, of course
so he showed them real talent.
He fell off a horse,
he jumped off a building;
he slipped off a cliff,
he was thrown from a wagon;
he had quite a gift.
He worked really hard
to learn all that he could
about TV and movies
in old Hollywood.
He learned more than acting.
He learned how to act;
how to think about others
and how to give back.
Now Dean Smith continues
what Ben Johnson did;
raising money and hope
for both parents and kids
who pray every day
doctors soon find an answer
in their search for a cure
for all forms of cancer.
He’s a cowboy at heart
who is honest and tough.
A friend through and through
who can’t do enough
for those who need help.
And, I think that it’s true;
When folks see an angel,
it sure looks like you.
Jeff Hildebrandt © 2006

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