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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mountains in the Mirror

I've been in Colorado since 1994 and I still marvel at the mountains. If you're not from here or have spent much time here, you probably don't realize that we are not living in a plush green oasis. You hear about the snow, but not about the lack of water we endure every summer. But, the mountains offer cooler temperatures and shady get-aways from summer in the city.

Mountains in the Mirror

There are mountains in the mirror
as I drive to work each day
and I can’t help but watch them
at each stoplight on the way.
Through the brown and leafless branches,
past the foothills, dark and dry,
God’s majestic handiwork
juts upward to the sky.
And if I leave for home in time
there is glory to behold
as the sun sets past those mountains
and the sky is pink and gold.
Do you think it’s just coincidence
or was it prearranged
that what I see each way to work
is God’s mighty mountain range?
The sight lifts up my spirit
and I thank God right out loud.
for the beauty He’s created
mixing peaks with sky and clouds.
There are many things reminding me
to praise the Lord of Hosts
but the mountains in the mirror…
that’s the one I like the most.

Jeff Hildebrandt, Copyright 2000

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