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Thursday, July 15, 2010

It Can't Be Done

I've heard it said that a lot of believers think of God as an A-T-M. (Any Time Miracles) Our prayers end up being a litany of what we want God to do for us. Sometimes, we don't even wait for God to act, we just push ahead in our own strength and are dismayed when things don't turn out they way we want.

People said, “It can’t be done,
you might as well forget it.”
But I’m not one who quits that fast
and so, I did not let it
get me down or make me stop
pursuing what I dream.
“That’s not the Cowboy Way,” I said,
“Despite how it may seem
the goal is not out of my reach.”
I tried and tried again
spurred on by those naysayers
till finally in the end
I emerged quite black and blue.
I must have looked a sight.
And when it all was over,
I found those folks were right.

And then I prayed.

“Now, that’s the cowboy way,” I thought.
“I’ll pray so God can hear it
and help me do what can’t be done
by sending down His Spirit.”
Again I tried with all my might
but ended up the same.
I didn’t understand it,
since I’d prayed in Jesus’ name.
But now I know I should have paused
to wait for God’s reply
before I took off like a bull.
So, if you wonder why
your plans don’t work out like you want.
Remember to go slow.
God only does what’s best for us.
Sometimes He answers “No.”
Jeff Hildebrandt © 12/11/09

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