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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Old Time Religion

We used to sing of Christian Soldiers marching off to war.
But we don’t seem we have that sort of feeling any more.
We used to hear of Christian values; turn the other cheek.
But now the world says it’s okay to trample on the meek.

We need old time religion where the Word of God is spread.
We need Jesus resurrected and the poor in spirit, fed.
We need old time religion and a spirit filled revival;
nothing flowery, just the basics, to equip us for survival.

We need to hear God loves us and it has been His plan
for Jesus, the Messiah, to save the souls of man.
We need to share that message leading others to The Way
and wish folks Merry Christmas, not Happy Holiday.

We need old time religion not new age fuzzy feelings.
We need real revelation not made-for-TV healings.
We need old time religion and prayer put back in school.
We need to trust in Jesus and live the “Golden Rule.”

We need to speak what we believe. It soon will be too late
for those who live in darkness to change their awful fate.
And Christian, God expects you to be His voice and hands
to show his love and share good news to everyone you can.

We need old time religion not gooey gospel goop.
We know there’s strength in numbers, so join a Christian group
and stand up with the faithful. No longer quake in fear.
Speak out old time religion cause the end is very near.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 12/16/09

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