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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In a World of Hurt

I watch the news and see all the pain and suffering around the world; the natural disasters, the wars and rumors of wars, the starvation and hard-heartedness. Then, all of a sudden that takes a back seat to news that Prince William is engaged. While food banks have empty shelves, we're force fed news about the odds makers betting on what color hat the Queen will wear to the wedding. Enough of my ranting. This is about the world of hurt believers are enduring everyday as they try to show God's Love.

In a World of Hurt

“You’re gonna be in a world of hurt,”
the burly bouncer swore
as he basket-balled the little squirt
right out the swinging door.

You’re gonna be in a world of hurt
God’s Holy Word foretells
and cautions us to be alert
for lies that Satan sells.
And now we’re in a world of hurt;
attacked on every side
by non-believers who assert
the Bible writers lied.
They put us in a world of hurt;
and everywhere we look
side-steppers find a way to skirt
commandments in God’s Book.
We’re living in a world of hurt
cause we’ve been led astray
by half-truth tellers who pervert
what God says is The Way.

Although we’re in a world of hurt
we have the hope of grace.
Accept The Christ and be alert
for soon we’ll leave this place
to live where there will be no hurt,
no bitterness or strife;
a world where Satan can’t pervert
God’s gift; Eternal Life.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2009


  1. Who cares what color hat the queen will wear? There are so many more important issues to address in this poor pitiful world. Good entry!