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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Words of Western Wisdom

There are words of western wisdom,
Cowpoke philosophy,
which guide us down the trail of life
as far as we can see.
Like, never squat while wearin’ spurs.
Drink up-stream from the herd.
In hot weather don’t kick cow chips,
is another that I’ve heard.
Always keep your powder dry.
Close gates that you go through.
And make dern sure that you can spit
before you take a chew.
Those words of Western wisdom
from experience were born
so kindly pay attention
and take bulls by the horn.
Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.
Sit tall up in the saddle.
When trouble’s heading down your way
it’s best if you skedaddle.
Pistols are for shooting.
Hats are made to wear.
And words of western wisdom
are meant for us to share.
We all start out with nothing
and we’ll leave here just the same.
Building treasure up in heaven
should be each cow pokes aim.
Those words of western wisdom;
Cowpoke philosophy
will guide you down the trail of life
toward eternity.

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