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Monday, November 8, 2010


Where do you put the emphasis on Thanksgiving? I think most of us, at least those who are reading this, will give thanks to God for His continued grace in our lives. I also think you will be thinking of others; the less fortunate and doing what you can to help them. That's what this is about.


Remember how it used to be?
Thanksgiving with the family.
Turkey, dressing, maybe ham,
vegetables and candied yams.
Waldorf salad, homemade rye,
mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie.
You'd drink a toast and say a prayer
of thanks for all who'd gathered there.
Remember how it used to be?
Now look around at what's to see;
the dark and stark reality.
Can you improve their memories?
For what you have and how you're living,
you can show your thanks, by giving.

I think it might be inspirational to others if you share some of the ways you and your family show your thanks.

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  1. We try to include some who might not have others to gather together with in our Thanksgiving meal. And personally, I like to start at the beginning of the month counting my many blessings, naming them one by one. Helps me to realize just how much He does for me. And to be truly grateful & thankful come Thanksgiving day.