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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am a Cowboy Poet!

One of the best things about performing Cowboy poetry
is the forgiving spirit that seems to live in the audience.
There are a lot of us who, at times, lose our train of
thought right in the middle of a verse. I've never heard
a single "boo" from an audience. Instead, there is encouragement
and appreciation for the effort. Wouldn't it be great if everybody
who saw you stumble, would help you up, pat you on the back
and give you an "atta-boy".

I am a Cowboy Poet

I am a Cowboy poet. Well, not the “cowboy” part.
I don’t spend days on horseback but there’s cowboy in my heart.

I am a Cowboy poet. I wear a wide brim hat
just like those for-real cowboys do. I make dern sure of that.

I am a Cowboy poet. I use phrases like “dern sure”,
“all-you-all” and “Adios” to give my rhymes allure.

I am a cowboy poet and I love the out of doors;
the glistening mountain glaciers and verdant valley floors.
I love the smell of fresh cut pine, the chill of mountain streams
and the sound of saddle leather. I’m bustin’ at the seems
with joy for all things cowboy except the cowboy way
of walking round in high heeled boots all the live long day.

But, as a Cowboy poet I have to play the part
cause folks expect the image when there’s cowboy in your heart.

That’s sort of like a Christian; there is joy, but also pain
when standing on God’s principals while those around complain
that you’re just a soggy blanket; a fool and not real smart.
But God applauds the sacrifice when there’s Jesus in your heart.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 2/3/09

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