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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ridin' for the Brand

Donnie Blanz is a great song writter and several years ago, he penned something called, "You just can't see him from the road." One line reminds us, "as long as there's a sunset, he'll keep riding for the brand. You just can't see him from the road." I was at Denver's Historic Buckhorn Exchange listening to Bill Barwick sing that song when inspiration crept up and smacked me on the back of the head. That phrase from that song lead to this verse. The title is nothing new, there are lots of "Ridin' for the Brand" poems, but I'd like to think this is worth the time it takes to read it.


When the boss says, “There’s some fence to mend
and you all lend a hand”.
There’s never hesitation
cause you’re ridin’ for the brand.
If you have to move a herd of beef
much sooner than you’d planned
you saddle up and head out
cause you’re ridin’ for the brand.
There are certain obligations.
There is pride and loyalty
and you’ll always lend a hand
because you’re in the family.
I think that it’s the same for those
who heed the Master’s call
and witness to the love God showed
through Jesus Christ for all
The Lord said there is right and wrong
and you must take a stand.
He won’t accept the middle ground
when you’re ridin for His brand.
The branding iron that sears your heart
was fired by sacrifice.
God sent His Son to die for you
so take some good advice.
Count yourself as lucky
if you’re cut out from the herd
by the wrangler that is wisdom
on a horse that is the Word.
And know that what awaits you
is the glory that God planned
when he sends His Son to round up those
who’ve been riding for the brand.
Jeff Hildebrandt, copyright 2000

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