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Friday, June 11, 2010

You and me

This poem just sort of wrote itself while I was listening to a Beth Moore Bible study. (it's not just for women any more!) She ended with a poem she had written and it started me thinking. In just a few minutes, the first half of this was written and I think I shared it with the class before we left the study. The next day, a friend and mentor, Dr. "Chick" Bishop heard it and suggested that there might be more to be said. That generated the second half and my desire that you finish it; add your own thoughts and then ask your friends to do the same. TGBTG!

You and me

You are the poet, I am the rhyme
I am the clock, You are the time.
I am the rider, You are the horse.
I run the race, You set the course.
I am the clay, You are the potter.
I’m parched and dry, You’re Living Water.
You are the helper, I am the hand.
I am adrift, You are dry land.
I play the cards, You are the dealer.
I am in pain, You are the healer.

I’m not forgotten, You’re always near.
I pray for help, You always hear.
I smile and wonder at Your creation.

I am the lost, You are salvation.

You are a symphony, I am a note
When I’m treading water, You send a boat
I am the wings, You are the breeze
I seek the shade, You made the trees.
I’m shifting sand, You’re Rock of Ages
I seek direction that’s there in your pages
You’re word is my compass when I am lost
Your grace is the one thing I cannot exhaust
I’m good intentions, You’re Love in Action
I slip and slide, You give me traction
I hem and haw, You are unchanged
All my priorities You re-arranged

Your here when I’m troubled, I don’t feel alone
When I face Goliath, You’re the sling and the stone
You paid the ransom I could not afford

For all that You do, I worship you Lord.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 4/26/10

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