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Monday, June 21, 2010

If Jesus had an Icebox

I was trying to remember what inspired this and I think it was something said in church. At any rate, this is one of those that flowed like a little stream until it seemed to pool up into what you see below. (For those who don't remember, an "icebox" was what we used to call a refrigerator back before they do everything that they do now. for more history on "icebox" talk to a geezer.

If Jesus had an icebox

If Jesus had an icebox
your picture would be there;
the one with several missing teeth
and a cowlick in your hair.
There’d be crayon drawn self portraits
and home-made valentines
and the color page where you first learned
to stay inside the lines.
If Jesus had a scrapbook
there’d be clippings of your hair,
X rays of your broken bones
and notes of when a where
you learned to say Psalm 23
and believed John 3:16
then asked the Lord to save you
from all that’s cruel and mean.
But, he doesn’t have a scrapbook
so from your very start
Jesus has kept everything
wrapped up in His heart.

Jeff Hildebrandt © 4/22/09

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