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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Packing it in

This is another of those, "a picture is worth a thousand words" poems.
In my case, a picture spawns a few dozen words. The pictue shows
a lone rider leading a pack mule as they cross a stream leaving
a meadow and heading into a forest.


He’d had enough of 8 to 5 and some days 8 to 8.
He’d had enough of know-it-alls who piled work on his plate.
He saw no future working where appreciation’s thin.
So, one day he just told the boss, “I guess I’ll pack it in”.

He sold his downtown condo with the covered parking space,
pawned his season tickets and left the old rat race.
He cashed in his retirement so his new life could begin.
And told his friends to look him up but for now, he’d packed it in.

He headed where the air is crisp. Where ‘high-rise’ means a butte
and not a single horn would honk to jangle his commute.
He lost the frown he’d worn for years and found a big wide grin
lit up his face as he’d recount just how he’d packed it in.

He spends his days on horseback. Sitting straight and riding tall
and helping fellers like he was escape cell phone withdrawal.
He’ll guide you through the wilderness to find the peace within.
And everything you need is there. You just have to pack it in.
Jeff Hildebrandt © 2005

I have to go now, my phone's ringing and someone is waiting at my
door with a problem. Have a great day!!!

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