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Monday, December 13, 2010

Feelin' Frisky

T’was great concern by folks around
when Thelma Thornton moved to town
and left her ma and pa out on the farm.
She’d been the apple of their eye
so you can understand that’s why
friends viewed this sudden change with great alarm.
In conversations they’d express
concern about that empty nest
and how poor Tom and Millie would get by.
Cause they were getting up in years
and folks all feared the gush of tears
would wash away their will to even try.

But Tom and Millie, it would seem
had come up with a little scheme
to make the most of all that empty space.
The furniture that Thelma had
was moved out by her dear old dad
who put a big screen TV in its place.
They’re hooked up to a satellite
for movie channels and the like
and there’s a hot tub sittin’ in the yard.
They’re makin plans to take a trip
to Vegas or the Sunset strip.
T’would seem adaptin’ ain’t so very hard.

They’re doing things they never did
since Thelma Lou was just a kid.
They’re staying out at night and acting strange.
Why, Friday nights they’ll both be found
just holding hands and walking round
the picture show or dancin’ at the grange.
The beauty parlor ladies say
that Millie smiles a lot these days.
Her hair has even lost its bluish hue.
She must be gainin’ weight they say.
Her jeans have never fit that way
and don’t’ you think her skirts are shorter too?

On Sunday’s Thelma Lou stops by
for dinner and some homemade pie
and just to make sure ma and pa are fine.
They hug and kiss and let her know
that both of them just love her so
and tell her she can visit any time.
Then add, please call ‘fore you come out,
just to make sure we’re about.
But really, its to make sure they get dressed.
They have a secret no one knows.
They love to play strip dominos
cause they get frisky in their empty nest.